How to sell your services on Instagram

Are you an online business owner trying to figure out how to sell your services on Instagram? 

Maybe you hate selling yourself. You don’t want to post about your services every single day, and you definitely don’t want to send cold DMs.

If you want to sell your services on Instagram without feeling pushy or salesy, here are 3 tried-and-true strategies you can try today:

How to sell your services on Instagram

Provide value before selling

Before you ever try to sell to people, it’s important that you provide value for your audience. What is an expertise that you offer? What’s a problem your audience has that you can solve?

Think about how you can educate your audience with helpful tips and free resources first. That way, you’ll show credibility and gain trust with potential clients, making them more likely to buy later on.

Change your mindset

If selling yourself makes you cringe, ask yourself why. Do you have a negative mindset around selling your services?

If so, remember that by selling your services, you’re actually helping people solve a problem. There’s someone out there who needs the service you provide!


Collaborating with other service providers on Instagram will help you expand your reach, attract new clients, and provide new value for your audience.

For example, Emily Conley and I teamed up to create 5 Things Your Homepage Needs to Book More Clients, a free masterclass, and Well-Oiled Website, a website course for business owners. It has been such a valuable collaboration for both of our audiences.

Want to sell your services without being salesy?

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