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How to sell yourself with 3 simple mindset shifts

Do you struggle to sell yourself without feeling salesy?

I hear so many service providers say they want to sell themselves easily, but they feel icky about selling. If you feel this way, the problem isn’t how you’re selling – it’s your mindset around selling.

Here are 3 mindset shifts you need in order to learn how to sell yourself effortlessly.

3 mindset shifts you need to learn how to sell yourself

1. Selling is helping

If you’re a service-based business, then you’re selling a service. And if you believe in the service you’re selling, then you need to believe you’re solving a problem for your clients.

By selling your services, you are actually helping people. So instead of feeling salesy, the mindset you should take is “I solved this problem for you… you’re welcome!”

2. Not selling can hold people back

If selling your services is helping people, then not showing up and selling means that you’re not solving your clients’ problem… and they’re being hurt by that. By not selling, you’re holding people back. You’re keeping someone from making the impact they’re supposed to make, because you have the answer to their problem and you’re not providing it.

When you reframe it like that, hopefully you feel empowered and unapologetic about selling.

3. Making money is not a bad thing

You have to make money. You have to pay your bills and put food on your table. Wanting to make money does not make you greedy or selfish. It just means you’re able to help people, and they’re willing to pay you for it.

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