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How to work with a web designer when you’re design illiterate

So you need to hire a pro to design your website, but you don’t know how to talk the talk ?

You want to communicate with the designer exactly what you want in your site, but you have no idea what vocab to use or where to start.

I’ve got you! Follow these 3 tips to work with a web designer to get the website of your dreams.

1. Be specific and descriptive

When you give generalized feedback, like “I hate this homepage,” your web designer has no idea what to fix.

What is it you hate about the flier? Is it the colors? The fonts? The layout? Be as specific as you can (i.e., “I don’t like this font because it seems cheap.”).

2. Use examples and explain why

Maybe there’s a website that you love, and you want your website to look and feel just like it.

While it might be tempting to show it to your designer and say, “Just copy this website,” that doesn’t help. Instead, explain why you love that site (“I love this website because it seems approachable.”)

When your designer knows what you love about other websites, it’s much more likely they’ll be able to replicate it for you.

3. Give it good thought

If your web designer is asking you questions, be thorough. Take your time and don’t rush. A good website designer should ask you questions.

A good designer will:

  • give you options
  • help you talk through your preferences
  • explain terms and their decisions
  • ask good questions at the start

Whereas some designers struggle with:

  • presenting options
  • receiving feedback
  • providing thorough explanations
  • assessing your brand or design goals

So if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a website designer, it’s not always your fault. Do your best to take the process slowly and be thorough.

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