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Is your Instagram engagement down? Here’s why that’s okay

Do you have lurkers on your social media? They’re the followers who watch your content and never interact with it – no comments or likes, no DMs, and no votes in your polls. It can be super frustrating when your Instagram engagement is down and you’re consistently posting, only to be met with crickets.

But what if I told you lurkers were the best kind of followers to have on your business account?

Here’s why you shouldn’t give up posting just because your engagement might be down.

Why it’s okay if your Instagram engagement is down

…even if all your followers are lurkers

1. Lurkers refer you

I always ask my clients how they heard about me and if someone referred me. Once, I had a client put the name of a person I’d never heard of in my life. Turns out, it was a “lurker” on my social who referred them.

We can get hung up on a lack of engagement, but often the people not interacting with our content are referring us to others.

2. Lurkers consume content way after you post

When you post regularly to market your business and people aren’t interacting, it can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels on social media.

But although they might not engage with it, lurkers may go through your posts and highlights at a much later date to see if you’re a fit to work together. So the content you work so hard on isn’t always forgotten the day after you post it.

3. Lurkers can be serious buyers, even with Instagram engagement down

Lurkers might not want to engage in a conversation about what you’re selling, but they’re often the ones who are the most serious buyers.

They consume your content to get their questions answered about your offers, and once they have all the information they need, they’re ready to buy

Spoiler alert: Samantha Marcellino of SGS Media talks about this in ​Episode 13 of Skilled and Fulfilled​. Listen to find out how to determine what marketing channels and strategies are best for your business and what to do if your Instagram content isn’t getting great engagement.

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