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My best tips for podcast guest graphics

You design podcast guest graphics every week, and it always takes way too much time ⌛

Additionally, podcast guest graphics graphics are part of the visual brand of your podcast. You know they’ll immediately attract or repel people to the podcast, so it’s vital to get it right the first time.

Having poorly designed podcast graphics can mean less visibility for your show (or your client’s show, if you’re a VA). That means losing out on sales ?

Get more listeners for your show with these simple podcast guest graphic tips:

Create a podcast guest graphic template

Always start with creating a template you can work from to save time.

When you create the template, use your longest episode title and the longest guest name you can think of. That way, when you have a long title and a guest with a hyphenated last name, you won’t have to adjust the template.

Check the headshot

Design with people’s headshots that are either cropped into a square or cropped into a circle. You definitely don’t want to worry about removing the background of an image every time, and cropping the photos into these shapes will help avoid that.

Additionally, make sure the headshot is facing into the words, rather than away from them.

Skip the acronyms

Never use acronyms or taglines on your graphics. Unless you’re a major brand or organization, like a state university, people won’t know what these acronyms mean — which just means they’ll be confused and continue scrolling. Similarly, taglines clutter the graphic.

Go simple with just the podcast title and guest name.

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