My first course launch: 3 lessons learned

To make you feel better about wherever you are in business, I wanted to share candidly the  lessons I learned from my first course launch, unfiltered – because it didn’t go exactly as I expected it to.

Prior to owning a business, I taught a course called Visual Communication to college students. Meaning, I taught them how to create flyers, print ads, and videos using the Adobe Creative Suite (because Canva didn’t exist back then 🥴).

I used that experience to create my first design course for non-designers, Create with Confidence, and launched it several years ago. Here’s what that launch taught me:

3 lessons learned from my first course launch

1. Do market research before a course launch

I initially created this course for 9-to-5 professionals, because that’s the population I had the most experience with. But it turned out 9-to-5-ers weren’t super willing to invest their own money into a course.

If I had done better market research, I would have known that the group I was marketing to wasn’t interested in spending their own money on something, and it was going to be that much harder to sell.

2. Have realistic funnel conversions in mind

When I launched this first course, I did some back-of-a-napkin math to figure out how many courses I needed to sell to pay my bills, like…

$500 course x 10 sold per month = $5000 in revenue

I mean, how hard could it be to sell 10 courses in a month?? 🤡🤡

But what I didn’t take into account was how many people I need to be interested every. single. month. and how many of them would realistically buy to be able to bring in that revenue.

3. It’s easier to sell to the people who will benefit

It was difficult to sell this course to 9-5 professionals. They weren’t very willing to invest in a course, because they weren’t going to see a direct benefit in their revenue, and they usually had to convince their boss or HR department to invest in it.

In the end, it turned out that business owners were willing to invest – because they know exactly how the course could move the needle in their business. Once I pivoted to selling to business owners, I realized that it was much easier to sell things to people who will directly benefit from what they were purchasing.

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