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Profit Your Knowledge

Secrets to a High-Converting Website

Well-designed websites do more than just look pretty. Any web designer can create a website that looks good and runs smoothly. Felter’s expertise is learning your specific business goals and delivering a website that achieves them – one that looks and reads as premium as your business. Listen to this episode to find out the top secrets to a high-converting website

The Servicepreneur Podcast

How Design Impacts Your Bottom Line—And So Much More

Do you struggle with the creative aspects of promoting your business? If design is not your strong suit, then this episode is going to really hit home for you, because I’m talking to Lauren Felter: the designer that non-designers love. Felter is a brand and web designer who helps servicepreneurs attract – and most importantly, convert – your ideal clients through design.

Content Queen

Your Ticket to Good Design in 2024

How can you save time with content creation? Start with your branding! Build a consistent brand that you (and your audience) loves AND makes it easier for you to create with (because you don’t have to scroll Canva templates for hours). We are giving you your ticket to GOOD branding in 2024

Katy Calls BS

The real impact of branding

Most of us start our business thinking the logo is the most important thing. The logo doesn’t mean much without a consistent brand behind it. But do you even know where to start? Today we are talking to Lauren Felter from Felter Unfiltered as we break down branding and how it can impact our businesses.

Consistency Corner

Decoding Visual Branding

In this episode of Unfiltered Fridays, we’re joined by Lauren Felter – a designer who does design and teaches design to non-designers! Lauren does a great job of helping people understand branding, fonts, colors, strategy around your branding, and how to simplify your design if you need to. Today we’re exploring the fascinating world of visual branding, and how to make your brand work for YOU.

Emily Writes Well on YouTube

Website Design Mistakes That Are Costing You $$$

Get all the tea on what website design mistakes are losing you clients in this interview with Lauren Felter, the designer for non-designers at Felter Unfiltered.

It’s About Time: Time Savvy Toolkit

How Good Design Saves You Time

Felter shares how good design can help save you time. Whether you’re a business owner DIYing your design or a marketing pro who needs some support so you can take back your time – tune in and learn more!

Course Creation Boutique

How to Use Great Design to Your Advantage

How are you ensuring you’re not turning off who you’re trying to attract the moment they hit your social media or sales page? Lauren Felter, design expert and teacher, is with us to ensure your ideal client can’t look away before they even start reading your brilliant copy!

Profitable Pursuits

Design Your Path to Profit

Join us for an insightful conversation as Lauren Felter spills the beans on her secrets to success, the pivotal moments that led her to where she is today, and how you too can navigate the landscape of design and entrepreneurship to carve a path that’s uniquely profitable for you.

Empowered Entrepreneur

How to Create Good Branding

In this episode of Empowered Entrepreneur, I chat with Lauren Felter, a branding expert who helps entrepreneurs create brands that attract and convert their ideal customers. We discuss what good branding is, how to identify areas to refine your branding, and how to use branding on webpages, graphics, and videos. Lauren also offers listeners a quiz to help them determine the elements of their brand.

The ANBRWY Podcast

Design Demystified: Unveiling the Magic of Branding for Non-Designers

Anyone can create a logo or website – Lauren Felter’s superpower is using design to attract and convert your ideal person. That’s why she’s the designer that non-designers love. As the owner of Felter Unfiltered, she prides herself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to her web design, branding, and design education. She helps business owners, freelancers, and 9-to-5ers ensure the design does the selling for them. Because good design does more than just look good – it gets results!

She Can & She Will

Beautiful Design for Non-Designers

Today we discuss how you can take control of the design projects for your business even if you have zero experience with design.  According to Lauren Felter of Felter Unfiltered, when it comes to everything from social posts to marketing projects, you can excel.

How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy

How to Nail the Branding for Your Etsy Shop

This week we’re talking about all things branding for your Etsy shop! Learn all about the places where branding matters MOST, common design mistakes small businesses make, how to choose fonts and graphics — and so much more!

My Weekly Marketing

Mastering DIY Design for Non-Designers

Ever struggled with design projects but didn’t have a professional designer on hand? In this week’s podcast, Mastering Design for Non-Designers, we chat with Lauren Felter, a design educator for non-designers who left a decade-long career in university admissions to pursue her passion for design and teaching. Lauren shares her no-shame, no-shade approach to web design, branding, and design education. This episode is perfect for those who aren’t design experts but still need to create a visually appealing and consistent brand presence.

Dive into our conversation with Lauren as we uncover the most common design mistakes that business owners make and learn valuable DIY tips to improve your brand’s visual consistency. Don’t miss this insightful and engaging episode that will leave you feeling confident and ready to tackle your next design project!

Hello C.S. Dorsey

Why design matters

In today’s episode, we are talking all about why design matters with Lauren Felter.

Lauren is a design educator for non-designers and a former ladder climber. She turned her highly sought-after university design course into one specifically for non-designers who find designing an inevitable part of their regular to-do list. She prides herself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to her web design, branding, and design education.

Stop Scrolling, Start Scaling

Pairing Marketing Principles with Proper Branding

No matter how compelling your content may be, your marketing strategy will not succeed if you don’t have a strong brand to tie it all together for your audience.  Although often treated as an after-thought, branding is the key aspect to everything that you put out with your content. Without it, your audience won’t know who you are, what you do, and why they should pay attention.

Listen in as we speak about:

  • Branding guidelines for your specific industry
  • Advice for creating “scroll stopping” content
  • Ways to stand out in your content from a brand standpoint
  • How to approach your brand or rebrand creation

The Hub Podcast

Design for Non-Designers

Felter shares her story about how she stumbled across the world of design, fell in love with it, and her passion for teaching entrepreneurs how to make design easier. She shares some of her best tips with us on how to get started with auditing your branding, start thinking about the design on your socials, and more.

Millennial Mom Movement

How to create branding that converts with no design background

Did you know you ANYONE can be a brand designer?

Yep, it’s true, you don’t need a degree let alone even know how to use complicated tools like Indesign or Adobe. Our guest expert, Lauren Felter, is diving into how anyone can create gorgeous branding without a design background.

Celebration Pro Podcast

Brand Design for Wedding Pros

Lauren Felter is a design educator for non-designers! She understands how critical it is that a wedding professional’s presence look as high-end as the service they provide.

Lauren believes good design does more than just look good! Good design attracts the right people and truly closes the deal. Her passion lies in helping non-designers achieve high-end and high-converting designs, so they can get back to doing what they’re great at!

The Motivated Mompreneur Podcast

Does Your Design Need Some TLC?

Graphic design is necessary to put the best face of our business forward. It conveys our brand’s look, feel, and vibe and is the first thing potential customers see when they engage with us. In this episode you’ll learn easy ways to update your design to turn browsers into buyers.

Listeners to Leads

How to Design Eye-Catching Podcast Graphics

While podcasts are mainly an audio experience, graphics still play an important role. Cover art is the first thing your potential listeners’ experience of your show, and social media graphics keep your show top-of-mind. Whether you’re an experienced designer or a total beginner, Lauren Felter has tips this week on making graphics that align with your show and draw people in. This week, episode 96 of Listeners to Leads is about how to design eye-catching podcast graphics! 

The Podcast Manager Show

How To Design Podcast Graphics That Actually Get People To Listen

Today we are talking to Lauren Felter about designing podcast graphics that actually get people to listen. She teaches how we can think about design so that it attracts people to our clients’ podcasts so we can help our clients grow their shows. Her tips and techniques are geared specifically towards non-designers, like podcast managers.

We talk about grabbing attention with headlines, creating cover-art, and re-branding vs brand evolving. She also shares with us some common mistakes when designing graphics, making audiograms pop, and how to create an cohesive and consistent brand for your client across all platforms.

Ebb and Glow

Imposter Syndrome, Identity Crisis, and Paving Your Own Path

After following the path to traditional success but only finding intense burnout and an identity crisis at the top, Lauren Felter blew it all up in January 2020 to do it her own way.

Today, Lauren Felter is “the designer that non-designers love”. Her signature course, Create With Confidence is for non-designers who find designing an inevitable part of their regular to-do list. Lauren prides herself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to her web design, branding, and design education.

Social Siren Marketing

Designing Your Success: Tips & Strategies

As a business owner, have you ever struggled to create a professional brand image while keeping within your budget? Our guest today is design educator Lauren Felter, who has an inspiring story and valuable tips on how to achieve just that. Through her own experience, she knows that many entrepreneurs lack the design skills needed to make their business stand out. That’s why Lauren decided to become the design educator for non-designers and help individuals create their own designs with confidence. Tune in to learn all about it!

The Maximum Lawyer Podcast

DIY Business Branding

Let’s talk about design! Design is something that so many law firm owners don’t spend enough time thinking about. 

  • What does your design say about your company? 
  • Should you create a brand book for your firm? 
  • What are some design mistakes that you’ll need to avoid? 
  • Does design really matter? 
  • How often should you freshen up the look of your website? 

Product, Packaging, & Profit Podcast

What to Know Before You DIY Packaging Design

In this episode, we break down:

  • ​​What inspired Lauren to start teaching design to non-designers
  • What to know before you DIY your design
  • How to view a design through the lens of a customer
  • Lauren’s top piece of advice for designing product packaging
  • When to hire a designer vs. when to do it yourself

All Things Podcasting

Graphic Design & Branding for Your Podcast

So many of us get into the online space and graphic design is so not our jam. However, it’s part of running a business and it’s part of posting your content on social media. So we all kind of have to learn how to do it. Join Caleigh in this jam-packed episode of golden nuggets with special guest Lauren Felter. You will hear strategies on all things graphic design and branding for your podcast. You will learn how to stay consistent with your graphics and make them stand out against the competition.

The Female Boss Creative Podcast

How To Design as a Non-Designer

In today’s episode, we have Lauren Felter. She’s a design educator for non-designers. I wanted her on the podcast because to be honest with you, as a small business owner, I struggled with designing creatives especially on social media and making sure my brand is cohesive across all the platforms. I love the way how she simplifies designing, it’s not as complicated as you think. If you are clear on your product offering and who you serve, you will find design easy. So buckle up and let’s uncover the world of designing and changes you can make in your business. 

High Impact with Katie Bambrick

Take your branding from crap to compelling and convert

Your branding & design matter. Period. It’s what makes someone stick around on your website or your social platforms for longer, it builds trust and ultimately, it helps you land dream clients. Today I brought the fabulous design educator, Lauren Felter, onto the pod to talk to us about how to turn our design and branding from crap to compelling so we can actually convert. 


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