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You got into business because you’re good at what you do… and now you’re stuck marketing a business!

If you’re tired of out-of-touch advice from big-name educators, you’ll love real insights from real people who realistically want to make an income from their business and not run ragged in the process.

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Episode 17
If you look at other business owners’ lives online, it looks like everyone is doing great… but behind closed doors, it’s a different story. Many people are currently struggling in their businesses, so I’m sharing all my business failures I’ve made in the past few years and what you can learn from them. Listen to this episode to find out my business journey from motivational speaker to design agency owner and design course creator, lessons learned from my failed attempts at podcasting and selling lifestyle merch, and how I hold myself accountable to do more of what’s moving the needle in my business (and less of what’s not).
Episode 16
Your website shouldn’t just be a business card or a chronological timeline of your work history. Your website is a strategic piece of content that needs to captivate potential clients and guide get them to take action (like inquire, book a call, or buy). Listen to this episode to find out the purpose of the 6 main pages of your website in convincing someone to book or buy, what to do (and not do) on each page to keep someone clicking, exactly what each page must have and how it should end to book clients, and how to DIY your own website (or how I can do it for you).
Episode 15
Do you want to change your offers or how you work with clients? Elisa McManus, Content Marketing Specialist, joins me to talk about her decision to transition from offering traditional VA services to creating an offer as a service provider and getting validation from clients on its structure, delivery, and price point. Listen to this episode to find out Elisa’s journey from high school teacher to virtual assistant to service provider, her fears and hesitancies around reaching out to potential clients to get feedback for this offer, how she plans to market this offer without actively posting on Instagram, and how the needs of her family dictate her business operations (and how she balances having kids at home while working)  
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Episode 14
Have you ever felt less than because of your revenue? If money isn’t your biggest motivator in your business, I’m here to validate you and share 6 things that fuel me in my business more than my revenue. Listen to this episode to find out my journey from a 9-5 professional to a new business owner, how I’ve found more purpose and contentment in my business than my old 9-5, and my take on whether or not money can buy you happiness.
Episode 13
If you’re an online business owner, you’ve got to show up on every social media platform… or do you? Samantha Marcellino, Founder and CEO of SGS Media, joins me to talk about how you can market your business strategically to live your life authentically (and still make sales). Listen to this episode to find out how to determine what marketing channels and strategies are best for your business, how to align your marketing strategy with your realistic capacity, our thoughts on ManyChat keywords, TikTok, and if VAs should have an Instagram, how to prepare for going viral (and if you even want to go viral), and what to do if your Instagram content isn’t getting great engagement.
Episode 12
Some business owners think if they can get in front of a bigger audience – like as a podcast guest – they’ll have clients flooding their inbox. But if you’re not pitching yourself strategically, this won’t move the needle for your business. Listen to this episode to find out how I booked 20+ interviews in one year, how to prep for a podcast interview (both as a guest and a host) so you can both get the most out of it, and why you need a strategic call to action at the end of your interviews (with examples of what that could look like so you convert listeners into leads).
Episode 11
Is your online presence costing you revenue? Find out if you’re making any of these 5 common mistakes, and learn how to fix them. Listen to this episode to find out why letting people vote on your branding can keep you from converting your ideal buyers, strategies to showcase your personality and expertise online, so potential clients know you’re the perfect solution to their problem, and the purpose of each page on your website so it converts more browsers to buyers.
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Episode 10
Are you selling to ALL types of decision makers? If you’ve never thought about how to appeal to the 5 different types of decision makers, you might be leaving money on the table. Five service providers join me to share how they make purchasing decisions, consume content, and shop offers for their business. Listen to this episode to find out what the decision-making process is like for all 5 types, how each decision maker consumes a sales page, the email and social media consumption habits of each type, and my best recommendations for your business to appeal to all types of decision makers
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Episode 9
Does it stress you out when no money is coming in to your business? Do you need a game plan for when you’re in a dry spell of no bookings or sales? Listen to this episode to find out how to use targeted marketing to sell to a segment of your audience, why market research is essential (and how you might be doing it wrong), and different ways to cut expenses in your business and life you might not have considered.
Episode 8
Are you sick of taking clients who make your life more difficult? You need to watch out for red flags from potential clients, so you can decide on the front end how to handle working together (or not work together at all!). Listen to this episode to find out signs that a client might be difficult to work with or might not be a good personality fit, the worst red flags potential clients can give that you should run, not walk, away from, and how to tell a client you no longer want to work with them.
Episode 7
Are you tired of getting ghosted by referrals, with no clear reason why they didn’t book? Are your inquiries suddenly drying up? You might be giving potential clients red flags without realizing it. Listen to this episode to find out red flags you’re giving at every phase of the client life cycle – from discovery to booking – and how to fix them.
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Episode 6
Do you struggle to set and stick to your prices? Do you want to feel confident sharing and posting your prices? Kimberly Tara, owner of The Tara CPA Firm, joins me to give tips and strategies that will help you price your offers with confidence. Find out how we set and raise prices for new offers, our mindset on pricing as business owners, some pricing fails, how to make sure you never get hung out to dry with unpaid invoices, and what to do if you’re struggling to stick with prices.
Episode 5
Are you sick of bad business advice, and ready for a real-life perspective on what actually works? Listen to this episode to find out the business advice that led me astray in the past, my take on if you can really scale a service-based business (and how to start), how passive income isn’t really passive and what you should try instead, plus my real conversion rates, and how I recommend figuring out what is working in your business.
Episode 4
Do you struggle to work with your clients’ bad branding or bad-looking assets, and hate how it makes you look bad, too? Listen to this episode to find out, 6 reasons your client’s stuff might look bad and what to do in each scenario, how consistency, legibility, and misaligned branding can negatively affect your client’s bottom line, and how to have a conversation with your client about their branding so you can do your job without burning any bridges.
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Episode 3
Do you hate selling yourself and wish you could make effortless sales without feeling sleazy? Emily Conley, copywriter and owner of Emily Writes Well, joins me to give strategies to sell your services with confidence. Listen to this episode to find out the mindset shift you need to get more comfortable selling yourself, the must-have tactics to sell your services long-term, the one thing you should do if you need to book a client right now, and what to do when you’re doing everything “right,” but you’re still not booking clients.
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Episode 2
Do you struggle with the loneliness and pressure of being a business owner? Listen to this episode to find out lessons and strategies I pulled from therapy that help me in my business. I also share two tactics that motivate me to get more work done and how I deal with setbacks, disappointments, and perfectionism in my business.
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Episode 1
Do you want to spend more time working with clients, and less time begging them to book? Listen to this episode to find out the biggest mistakes that keep people from buying your offers (and how to fix them). I’ll also share how you’re creating distrust with your audience without realizing it and how to create urgency for your offers, so people book with you today.

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