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How to create an offer clients want and market it without Instagram – featuring Elisa McManus, content marketing strategist

We’re diving deep into the art of crafting an irresistible offer for your clients and marketing it effectively without relying on Instagram. This episode features, Elisa McManus, content marketing strategist and valued member of my team. Read on to learn about Elisa’s journey from a high school teacher to a virtual assistant, and now a service provider. She shares her experiences, challenges, and strategies that led her to create a successful offer from start to finish while balancing her family life.

Meet Elisa McManus

From band director to virtual assistant

Elisa’s story begins with her career as a high school band director. Teaching is a demanding profession, and being a band director often meant working 50 to 60 hours a week, even through the summer. After having her first son, Elisa found herself struggling to balance her career with her new role as a mother. The long hours and time away from her child made her realize that she needed a change.

Leaving her teaching career, Elisa initially became a stay-at-home mom. She even took care of a friend’s child alongside her own for a while. However, she soon felt the need for a creative outlet and a way to contribute financially to her family. This led her to explore the world of virtual assistance after a friend recommended Micala Quinn’s Life Free Academy course. Elisa quickly completed the course and booked her first client within a month, rapidly expanding her client base over the next few months.

Transitioning from VA to service provider

For over two years, Elisa worked as a virtual assistant, taking on various tasks for her clients. Her journey as a VA taught her a lot about different aspects of content creation and marketing. She wrote Instagram captions, repurposed podcast episodes into blogs, created social media graphics, and more. However, as she gained experience, she realized the limitations of charging hourly for her services.

Hourly work capped her income potential and made it challenging to take on more clients. Additionally, the lack of clarity about her services and target audience made it difficult to market herself effectively. Elisa knew it was time for a change. She wanted to specialize and create a more structured offer that could provide consistent value to her clients.

Creating an offer clients can’t wait to book

Creating a new offer through market research

Elisa’s new offer idea stemmed from the increasing demand for content repurposing among her clients. Many business owners struggle with creating quality content consistently across multiple platforms due to time constraints and just feeling not very creative. Elisa’s expertise in writing in her clients’ brand voices and repurposing their core content made her realize that this could be her niche.

To ensure her new offer would resonate with her target audience, Elisa conducted thorough market research. She reached out to her existing clients and network, scheduling 30-minute calls to ask them specific questions about their content creation and marketing challenges. Although initially nervous about bothering people, Elisa found that everyone was more than willing to share their insights and experiences.

Lessons learned from market research

Through her market research, Elisa discovered several key insights. Most of her clients preferred a monthly retainer for content repurposing over a one-time VIP day. They valued consistency in their content and messaging, which a retainer could provide. Additionally, clients expressed a need for flexibility in the types of content and platforms they used. Some wanted a strong presence on Instagram, while others prioritized a broader reach across multiple platforms.

These insights helped Elisa refine her offer to better meet her clients’ needs. She developed a content repurposing monthly retainer service, where she would take a client’s core content – such as podcast episodes or YouTube videos – and repurpose it into various forms of content for different platforms. This service allowed her clients to maintain a strong online presence without having to create additional content themselves.

Want to learn more about conducting market research the right way? Check out my course Well-Oiled Offer Suite!

Overcoming mindset blocks around pricing

Something I see many of my students in Well-Oiled Website struggle with is a mindset block around pricing. They feel like, because they’re coming from a 9-5 salaried situation, they should be able to divide their desired income by 40 hours a week and that rate should be what they charge.

However, Elisa learned that her expertise and the value she provided justified higher rates. As she gained confidence in her abilities and saw the positive impact her services had on her clients’ businesses, she was able to increase her rates accordingly.

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Balancing business and family

As a mother of two young boys, Elisa had to find a way to balance her business with her family responsibilities. She quickly realized that working while her children were awake and at home was not feasible. Instead, she created a flexible routine that worked for her family. She scheduled specific times for client work, music lessons, and family activities, ensuring that she could dedicate focused time to each area of her life.

Marketing without Instagram

Elisa’s marketing strategy focuses on leveraging referrals and networking rather than actively posting on Instagram. She believes in providing high-quality services and building strong relationships with her clients, which naturally leads to referrals. Additionally, she is in the process of creating an Instagram presence that serves as a landing page for her services, rather than a platform for constant content creation.

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Connect with Elisa McManus

Elisa McManus’s journey highlights the importance of understanding your clients’ needs, conducting thorough market research, and crafting an offer that provides consistent value. By focusing on quality and building strong relationships, she has been able to create a successful business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Want to connect with Elisa McManus? Head to her (new) Instagram page, check out her service guide, or grab her freebie to learn 119 Ways to Repurpose Content You’re Already Making.

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Elisa McManus

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