How to use every page of your website to book clients

If you want to book clients with your website, you can’t just throw your work history and contact information on your about page and call it a day.

It takes careful curation of your website to convince someone to book with you… and that’s why I am so excited to talk about how to use every page of your website to book clients.

The purpose of your website

Your website is not just a business card. It’s not just a place for someone to find your contact information and reach out to you. It’s also not a chronological timeline of your work history or a dumping ground of prior work. Showing photos you’ve taken or copy you’ve written isn’t enough to get someone to book with you.

Your website is a strategic piece of content that needs to captivate potential clients, convince them you’re exactly who they need, and get them to take action – like booking a call or inquiring.

Why every page of your website is crucial

People are not always entering through your homepage. They might enter through a blog post, services page, or something else they find through search or that someone directly shares with them. People decide within about 10 seconds if they want to stay on your site or not. What they see at the top of any page is critical to ensure they stay or leave.

Plus, people hop around and take what they need to make a decision. We want to make it easy for people to go from page to page, guiding them on their journey with enticing reasons to go to the next logical page.

How to use every page of your website to book clients


The purpose of the homepage is to grab the attention of the right people and get them to go deeper.

☑️ Have a short, prominently designed headline that speaks directly to our ideal person

☑️ Provide enticing previews of every other page on our site with valid reasons to go there

☑️ End the page with a no-brainer ask like a freebie or quiz that’s a low lift and must-have

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About page

The purpose of the about page is to establish your credibility and authority.

☑️ Showcase your expertise and how it connects to clients and their problems

☑️ Share values, a quick timeline, or numbers valuable to clients

☑️ Add a touch of personality, like your Enneagram type or Zodiac sign

☑️ End the page with a compelling reason to view the services page

Services page

The purpose of this page is to showcase services in a way that entices someone to want to book them.

☑️ Showcase the problem your client has and the benefit of working with you

☑️ Differentiate yourself with your unique approach, point of view, or a hot take

☑️ Provide a name, price, and three to four benefit-focused bullets for each service

☑️ End the page with an enticing reason to book

Results or portfolio page

The purpose of this page is to increase your legitimacy.

☑️ Include testimonials, before and afters, examples, and hard numbers with context

☑️ Connect the dots to end results or benefits for your client

☑️ End the page with an enticing reason to book

Blog/podcast/resources page

The purpose of this content is to share value that establishes credibility and welcomes first-time visitors.

☑️ Provide content that our ideal clients want to read

☑️ Add a mini welcome for first-time visitors on each page

☑️ End the pages with a next step freebie related to the content

Contact page

The purpose of this page is to allow someone to inquire with us or contact us.

☑️ Make someone feel welcome and that they’re in the right place

☑️ Include a booking form, email, or contact form

☑️ List other ways to work with us, like collaborations or speaking gigs

☑️ End the page with contact information and the booking form

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