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Here’s what they don’t tell you about launching

They = people who sell courses about courses and coaching about coaching

They make it seem like absolutely anyone can sit at their desk after dinner with a glass of wine and throw a course or coaching program together on their favorite topic.

They don’t tell you just how critical the launch process and marketing of that new offer is.

And I would know.

If just teaching design was all I needed to do to make money, I’d be a millionaire.

But launching is the most important part of selling a course, coaching program, or new offer.

and here’s what actually makes the difference

Quickly appealing to the person you want to buy

The online space is a crowded one. Your offer has to stand out and grab your perfect person’s attention.

Because we don’t all have the luxury to spend as much as we want on ads or hire a team to grow our following to 6 and 7 figures.

Keeping them engaged so they see your value

A potential buyer won’t give your sales page, webinar, challenge, or lead magnet the time of day (much less take action) if it’s not designed in a way to grab and keep their attention.

And how else will they know how much expertise you have if they don’t actually participate or read anything?

Remaining credible so it doesn’t look like a scam

A well-designed offer makes someone feel at ease and eager to buy… but a thrown-together presence makes someone question and look elsewhere to spend their $$$.

And if you pieced together templates for your social graphics, sales page, and webinar – your stuff likely looks thrown together.

You need to have a wildly successful launch
I know you’re feeling the pressure

You really need this launch to go well so you can meet your revenue goals, but time is running out with your launch date looming.

You need your sales page, opt-in page, and assets to get your ideal person to…

  • sign up

  • without

  • show up

  • without

  • pony up

  • without

And you need to achieve all of this without having to pay someone to redesign all of your stuff for you

What if a few simple tweaks to your sales page could revolutionize your revenue?

That’s how it happened for a coach I worked with before her launch – $40,000 of revenue to be exact.

She was at a make-or-break moment in her business.

She needed her launch to bring in some serious cash, but didn’t know how to best optimize her sales page, webinar opt-in page, or presentation for the highest possible conversions.

That’s where I came in. 

I provided a clear and actionable plan for her to:

  • grab her ideal person’s attention
  • keep them engaged long enough to see her expertise and make an informed decision
  • convert them into 1:1 coaching clients


See your revenue skyrocket without a big investment (and quickly!)

I know that time is of the essence, and you’re nervous about meeting your goals.

That’s why I created the Pre-Launch Audit to help you…

  • Learn what’s costing you

    I’ll identify all the problems (+ easy solutions) with your launch assets that would cause a potential buyer to question you, your offer, or their results.

  • Make easy tweaks that keep buyers engaged

    What if a few simple adjustments to the design of your sales page, graphics, or presentation could get your ideal person to actually read all of the offer details, transformations, and value you provide?

  • Surpass your revenue goals

    You likely don’t have millions of followers, so every eyeball is critical to convert. After you implement my recommendations, you can watch in amazement as you have the launch of your dreams (you’re welcome!)


“Your eyes on my sales pages and workshop pages have been HUGE for me. It has given me peace of mind and clear next steps.”

-Anna, coach

You could launch without help

But you’d be missing out on…

  • the pro recommendations of a web and graphic designer with 12+ years experience (at a fraction of the cost of that same professional to do the design work for you) it’s me, hi! I’m the professional

  • knowing every issue that's preventing a potential client from buying – and how to fix them before you launch

  • peace of mind that your launch is primed and ready to convert well

  • a launch that wildly exceeds your revenue goals, all from a few easy tweaks to your launch assets you felt confident making yourself

It’s the revenue-boosting transformation you need at a no-brainer price.

Are you ready for your most profitable launch yet?

I’ll look at your sales page, opt-in page, social graphics + ads, webinar presentation, email templates, and whatever else you’re using to launch and  give you simple solutions to:

  • uplevel design to better capture attention

  • tweak layouts to ensure everything gets read

  • adjust copy to showcase your value

  • improve navigation to increase conversions

  • add content or sections to convince your ideal person that your offer is for them

  • all with the goal of increasing your conversions!

pre-launch audit
the biggest bang for your buck


With a Pre-Launch Audit...


I’m not going to throw a bunch of graphic design lingo at you.

Instead, you’ll get your audit as a pre-recorded video in easy-to-understand terms within 2 business days. You can watch the video at any speed you like, as many times as you like.

Still have questions? Chat with me for a week or set up a 30-minute call and I’ll answer any question you have.


After you implement the clear, concise, and concrete fixes to all the issues you didn’t know you had on your webinar presentation, opt-in page, social graphics, and sales page, you’ll have launch assets that convert effortlessly.

Getting excited for that money-making launch yet?

Because good design doesn’t just look good. It actually gets results.

Hey, I’m Felter

And I’m the web + graphic designer that non-designers love

I recognize that when you’re about to launch, you’re under the pressure of the clock.

Launching is stressful. Your to-do list is never-ending, and it’s easy to miss issues in your launch assets. But having a second set of expert eyes to tell you what to fix is invaluable.

Because your sales page, opt-in page, and everything else are critical to meeting your revenue goals. So getting a professional’s help is a no-brainer – it’s literally like being told where to pick up money off the ground 💵 

The beauty of my Pre-Launch Audit is that you can make edits to your existing launch assets to make a big impact without a big investment.

With more than a decade of website and graphic design experience, I’ve learned how to tweak a social graphic, webinar presentation, and more to make it profitable – and how to teach you to do the same.


What launch assets will you audit for me?

I’ll look at every inch of your sales page, opt-in page, webinar or workshop presentation, social promotion graphics, Facebook ads, and email graphics. If it’s part of your launch and you send it to me, I’ll audit it!

I don’t know anything about web or graphic design. Is this for me?

Yes! The Pre-Launch Audit is perfect for the non-designer. I’ll create a detailed instructional video of all the issues in your launch assets, along with a thorough explanation of how to fix them – so you don’t have to have any prior knowledge to get results.

Can I really make the edits to my sales page, webinar presentation, etc. myself? That sounds intimidating.

Absolutely you can! These won’t be complex design fixes. These will be fixes to layout, copy, or navigation. So if you can update your own website or your own assets in Canva (or wherever they were created), you can implement my recommendations.

But if you still have questions after viewing the instructional video or you’re struggling to make the edits, you have the option to schedule a 30-minute call with me or you’ll have 5 business days of Voxer access to get all your extra questions answered.

I take a no-shame, no-shade approach to my design education, and I’ll make sure you feel confident you know what you’re doing (and are thrilled with the results!)


You deserve to go into a launch with the certainty that it will succeed

without having to invest an arm and a leg to get there

Let’s prepare your launch to be your most successful yet, so you can have the peace of mind you need

or if you’re at least a month away from your launch and want me to do it for you (refresh your branding and assets at the same time), then a Brand Refresh is right for you