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So...what now?

Here’s how to use these assets to create profitable branding

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quick tip

fonts + text styles

It’s not enough to have two on-brand fonts. You need to know how you’re going to use them.

Decide what size, weight, and font you’ll use for headings, subheadings, and text within designs. This way, you can decide once and replicate consistently across social graphics, sales materials, webpages, etc.

Spoiler alert: In DIY to Deluxe: Branding Course, I show you exactly how to do this.

big mistake, huge!

color palettes

One of the biggest mistakes I see with brand palettes is not enough colors!

If you only have two or three, it will make it very difficult to have variation within your designs. You’ll get super frustrated quickly!

This is why I recommend 6-8 colors with a healthy mix of dark colors and light colors. Some colors will only be used for headings or text, while some will only be used for accents and backgrounds.

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design elements

If you choose a new Canva template for every design, then you’re likely confusing your audience with inconsistency.

Choose 3-4 design elements (line styles, shapes, image crop styles, and other accents) that you’ll use consistently across designs.

And when you make all these choices within intention, you don’t have to keep making them every time you create something new!

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Why do fonts and colors matter so much?

Because they convey your personality quicker than copy can

That’s right! Before someone ever reads a single word of your Instagram bio, “I help” statement, or sales page, they’re making assumptions about who you are and what you stand for based on the fonts, colors, and shapes they see.

That’s why the right branding is so important! Because it has the ability to attract (or repel!) someone within seconds of discovering you.

The right branding will attract the right person

You’re never going to attract the right person by picking colors and fonts just because they look good. The right branding is chosen intentionally to appeal to your specific ideal person.

The right branding will convert a curious on-looker

Solid branding makes someone go from “just looking” to “ready to commit.” It convinces them what you’re offering is a must-have, created exactly for them.

The right branding will seal the deal

Second-rate branding makes someone question the quality of what they’re looking at. Premium branding makes someone eager to buy and willing to pay your premium price.

Let me ask you something...

Are you currently

  • choosing popular fonts because you think everyone will like them?

  • using your favorite colors because you don’t know what else to use?

  • picking a new Canva template for every design and spending way too long fighting with it?

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You need a reliable and well thought-out brand suite, so you can create high-converting designs faster and easier and actually get back to doing what you’re good at.

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