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Branding and Web Design for Small Businesses

Let’s use design to impact your bottom line

Because anyone can create a website or logo
My superpower is helping you align your presence with your business’s goals – through courses and done-for-you services – so design does the selling for you.

My approach to design is about more than creating pretty things

Everything potential clients see when they interact with your business online – from your website’s colors to the fonts on your social graphics – are describing your business, before they read a single “about” section or “I help” statement.

By choosing fonts, colors, and templates with intention for the branding and marketing of your small business, you’ll easily stand out and be known for your unique value.

And that’s where I come in as the designer who non-designers love! I take a no-shame, no-shade approach to done-for-you design and education.

You tell me what goals you want to achieve — from growing your audience to increasing your bookings — and I help you use design to get there, all with kindness and realness.

“I love Felter’s no-BS way of communicating, but I also know she will listen and be empathic.”

– Samantha Marcellino, owner of SGS Media and past client

looking to do it yourself?

Made easy for non-designers

“So happy I jumped in and would 100% recommend learning from Felter – she makes it easy to understand and doable for everyone! Even non-designers like me!”

– Stephanie, Podcast Manager

Guidance, but with freedom

“Felter literally tells you step-by-step what to do, but I get to pick my own stuff – which I love. Now, I feel confident in being able to choose my branding, because I know what to do.”

– Morgan, Health and Nutrition Coach

The website easy button

 ”If I wasn’t doing this course, I probably would have given up. It takes you so long to figure out the fonts and the colors. And then the copy.

I am grateful that I’m going through the course and learning how to figure everything out. This has been helpful!”

– Jennifer, Virtual Assistant

Let your presence do the talking

My client Kimberly started her accounting business in 2016. And initially, she just wanted to appeal to anyone and everyone. Who can relate?

So she threw together a logo and a website, just to feel like a legitimate business. This is what a lot of my clients do when they start out, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Fast forward 6 years, and she no longer wanted to work with anyone and everyone. That’s when she realized her current branding didn’t reflect who she was or who she wanted to speak to.

Her old branding was stuffy, boring, and overly professional. She wanted new branding that was trustworthy, polished, approachable, and showcased her expertise.

“We are women. We are moms. We don’t have to hang with the men and bros in the CPA or financial world. We can be feminine and we can still be great CEO’s.

It was important for our assets to be more attractive and mimic visually the service we provide for clients.”

-Kimberly Tara, owner of The Tara CPA Firm

Want it done for you?

Attract best-fit clients easily

“Felter brought my website from outdated, boring, and uninformative, to a dynamic call for action. Every page is now a WOW!

Before Felter transformed my website, I hated even looking at it. Now, it’s a pleasure seeing what she created, because the site is both visually appealing, accurate, and allows the world to see the range of what I have to offer.”

—Dr. Gus Sison, executive coach and speaker

Better showcase your offers

Sam was ready to scale her business and expand her offerings, and her current site wasn’t primed to do that. With a Custom Website, she can easily showcase a wide variety of offers.

“Felter is organized, so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry that we’d get good stuff out of the project.”

– Samantha Marcellino, owner of SGS Media

This is a design experience you won’t get anywhere else

Designed for your unique personality

You know how some graphic designer’s deliverables all look the same? Not here.

Whether you’re a student or client, you won’t get a cookie-cutter design strategy here.

Your business is unique – so you need branding, a website, and assets specific to your brand personality.

Designed to drive action

Good designs don’t just look good. They get the right people to take action. I approach design as a highly deliberate business strategy.

Want someone to book a call or buy now? No problem.

With my help, your designs will be created with that strategy in mind, so you can achieve your individual business goals.

Designed with empathy

I have experience working with non-designers of all backgrounds – from photographers to attorneys and everyone in between.

That means I’ll never use exclusionary jargon or shame you for however your current branding, website, or assets got created.

You’ll get straightforward know-how without the sting.

What kind of results can you expect from better design?

…other than looking really, really ridiculously good-looking

Ready to surpass your business goals?

Tell me what you want to achieve, and we’ll use design to get you there