Services page design elements needed to book clients

Want to design your services page in a way that gets clients to book without question? 

Well, that doesn’t mean listing 30 bullet points of what your service does and does not include.

Your services page isn’t a contract. You don’t need to list all the parameters around your offers. While those details are very important, those are things that can be spelled out in your contract or proposal.

Instead, you want to include things that will actually move the needle and get someone to book on your Services page

5 Services page design elements needed to book clients

1. Showcase how you’re the solution

Let potential clients know you understand their problems. Clearly spell them out, and explain the benefits they’ll get when they work with you.

When they finish reading the services page, they should know without a doubt that you are the solution to their problem.

Example: Sick of creating content and not seeing results? I can help!

2. Differentiate yourself with your Services page design

If someone is looking at your services page, they’re likely comparing you with several other competitors.

So this is a great place to share your unique approach, point of view, hard truth, or hot take that sets you apart from other providers.

Example: I only work with small business owners, and here’s why.

3. List your price

If you don’t list your prices on your website, people may assume you’re too cheap or too expensive – without giving you a chance.

It doesn’t have to be an exact breakdown, but at least list the “starting at” price or a range that clients usually pay.

Example: “starting at $750” or “most clients invest $2-4k”

4. Focus on benefits with your Services page design

This is really critical. Focus on benefits, instead of just the features.

Bad Example ❌

  • 3 design concepts to start
  • 5 pages with custom design, copy, and SEO
  • 1+ hour of training videos

Better Example ✅

  • Custom-created WordPress website so you can attract and impress ideal clients without having to beg, hard-sell, or convince them your business is worth it
  • Scroll-stopping strategy including professionally-written copy, SEO, and content design, to guide potential clients on a journey through your site to know your business is exactly what they need
  • Website onboarding – because it’s your site, and you’ll be trained to update and maintain it so you can continue to meet your goals long after your website launches

5. End with a no-brainer reason to book

Give potential clients a really enticing reason to book right now.

Whether that’s a limited-time offer, free consultation, or a compelling testimonial, this is the place to drive home the point about why they need to work with you, and why it can’t wait.

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