Branding and Website Design for Small Business

Ready for your business to be the no-brainer choice?

Get clients to say “yes” without hesitation
...and without having to spend your entire marketing budget convincing them

Good design does more than just look good

Good design will push your business’s online presence to the forefront in a crowded room and communicate the personality of your business without explicitly having to say it.

It’s like showing up to a party and people immediately knowing you’re cool, fun, and vibrant without having to write it on your nametag.

You’ve got big goals for your business. You need premium branding and web design for your small business, so you can establish trust with buyers, save you time marketing and networking, and truly take your business to the next level.

I’m not here to pigeon-hole your business

From aesthetic to approach, this is nothing like your average graphic design experience.

I’m a partner in your goals

This isn’t a cookie-cutter service and you won’t get a cookie-cutter deliverable.

You tell me who you’re trying to attract, what you want them to know about your business, and what you need to achieve, and I’ll use design to get you there.

I educate at every step

Ever worked with a designer who couldn’t explain their design choices? Not here!

I take an empathetic and educational approach where I always explain the “why” behind every concept, revision, and recommendation.

I’m here to serve you

Ultimately, this is your business, your brand, and your website. I am your guide to help you achieve your goals, but my ego is never bigger than your instincts.

My services are truly done for you to align with your business’s needs and aspirations.

"Felter does it all"

“Felter is a force, and she ain’t faking a thing.

She is a skilled designer, manager, communicator and overall whiz… not everyday you come across someone who can do it all.

The vision, the design, the follow-ups, the Loom video explanations, the on-schedule deliverables, the quick updates… shall I go on? Felter didn’t miss a beat.”

-Lindsay McLoughlin, owner of Hamptons Organizers

Choose your Service

Done-for-you branding

Custom Branding

starting at $1600
Done-for-you website

Custom Website

starting at $4200
Done-for-you everything

Custom Branding and Custom Website

Need both branding and web design for your small business?

Get all the features listed above, plus:

starting at $5400
bundle both and save!
Done-for-you designs

Designed and Done Day

Availability is prioritized for prior clients, but new clients are welcome to apply.

starting at $800
for the design of 5 Canva Templates or 1 webpage

Book clients with ease

After her Custom Branding, Emily booked 12 clients in one month without a discovery call using her newly-designed Service Guide

“I owe you a huge THANK YOU! I’m obsessed with my branding and everything you created for me.

I honestly can’t wait to change my entire booking process so the Service Guide you designed is front and center doing all the work!”

-Emily Conley, owner of Emily Writes Well

You want to easily showcase the value of your business

Just say yes, and I’ll take care of the rest!

How about a free Brand & Website Audit?

Get my expert insight into your business's online presenceno shame or shade included!

You tell me your business goals and what you want ideal clients to think of your brand.

I’ll send a video with my top recommendations for achieving those goals with aligned branding and website strategy.