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Stop leading with an “I help” statement on your homepage

How many times have you read an “I help” statement on the homepage of someone’s website?

Or at the top of your own website?

Example 1: “I help busy moms get their lives back.”

Example 2: “I help entrepreneurs work less and earn more.”

Example 3: “I help photographers cash in without working weekends.”

If you want to stand out and convert curious onlookers into consistent clients, then keep reading…

3 reasons to stop leading with an “I help” statement on your homepage

1. “I help” statements are repetitive

When a potential client is researching service providers, they’re not going to spend tons of time on your website. They’re going to briefly look at your homepage, services, about page, and results, and move on to the next website.

If your homepage begins with “I help…” just like every other service provider out there, you’ll blend in with your sea of competition.

Using a different statement on your homepage helps you stand out, catch attention, and speak directly to your ideal client!

2. They’re too long

People move through life at the speed of light. “I help” statements tend to be long and bulky.

When people see a huge chunk of text, their eyes glaze over and they don’t read it — which means they’re probably not even absorbing the information. Here’s an example ⤵️

visual example - stop using "I help" statement on your homepage

3. They might be irrelevant

What if the person reading your homepage doesn’t want help? Meaning, your ideal client might want to work with you, but not feel like they need your help.

They might want a service done for them, or they might not even realize they have a problem you can help with.

Leading with an “I help” statement might not connect with your potential client and only serves to alienate them.

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