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8 web design mistakes to avoid

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If you’re designing your own business website (or getting an inexperienced designer to make one for you), there are some common web design mistakes you’ll want to avoid. I’ve been designing websites for over a decade, and I’ve seen some nightmare web design mistakes that are completely avoidable, if you get the right person to […]

16 neutral brand colors to try

a hand holding a sheet of 16 varying neutral colors

So you only have 2 brand colors and you’re sick of all your designs looking the same. You would love to incorporate some neutral brand colors, but you don’t know where to start or what would look good. I got you. Try these 16 neutral colors in your brand: 16 neutral brand colors to try Try […]

3 signs it’s time to rebrand

You’ve been wondering for a while now: is it time to rebrand? Maybe you don’t love the way your brand looks. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it really reflects your business or what you do. But you worry that rebranding will be a hassle, and wonder if people will still recognize your brand. Here’s the […]

Why just changing colors on a Canva template won’t make it on-brand

You have to design a ton of graphics for your job, so you usually resort to using Canva templates. It might seem like a great solution to just swap out the colors on a Canva template using the brand colors you’re going for, but here’s the problem: doing that alone doesn’t make it on-brand. If […]

Does the shape of a logo matter?

You sit down to create a logo for your client from scratch and all of the usual questions creep in. What fonts do I use? What colors? What about shapes? Does the shape even matter? Sometimes your client might have a very defined brand with specific fonts and colors and shapes. Other times, they have […]

5 signs you need a new logo

You’re looking at your logo, and something just feels… off ? You want a professional looking logo for your business that you’re proud of, but you have no idea where to start. Or maybe your client wants a logo refresh and wants your help, but you don’t know what makes a good logo.  Here’s the […]

The reason your brand colors don’t work

You’ve been at your computer for over an hour, trying every combination of your brand colors imaginable in your design. You’re ready to tear your hair out, and somehow, every color swap you try still looks like ?? You start to feel like your brand colors just don’t work together — so where do you […]

3 things I love about my client’s new website

If you’re thinking about hiring a pro to help you update your business website, you might have a lot of anxiety going into the process. Will it look the way you want it to? Will it be easy to navigate? Maybe you’ve been burned by a designer before, and the thought of working with another […]

4 easy steps to choose your brand colors

The colors you use communicate your brand before you say a single word — so your brand color choices are super important. Maybe every color combination you’ve tried just doesn’t look quite right, and you know you need help making sure your colors fit your brand personality. Thankfully, you don’t have to be artistic to […]

1 critical thing every webpage needs

If you’re not a web designer (and you don’t want to be), but you’re designing your website yourself, it’s easy to miss small details that make a BIG difference in your site’s effectiveness. And if you’re missing this one thing, you’re missing out on your website and business growing the way you want them to. […]