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How to design with a bunch of logos

special event flyer with 6 logos on it

If you’re creating something for a sponsored event or partnership, you’ll probably have to design with a bunch of logos… and that can get crazy. If you’ve ever had to design with more than one logo, you know things can get wonky fast: you have alignment issues, background colors that don’t match, and inconsistent sizing […]

The fastest way to make an event flier from scratch

So you have to make a flier for your event, but you’re drowning in details and you don’t know where to start ? You know all of the details for the event and have created several drafts already, but they’ve all looked like crap and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Take a breath […]

Do this today to get someone to actually read your flier

Do you stress out as you create a flier, because you feel like every page or section needs to be new, different, and creative? Do you exhaust yourself trying to come up with multiple new fonts and color schemes within the same page because you think it will catch people’s attention, only to have it […]