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4 reasons NOT to choose a font

When you’re creating a social graphic, presentation, or whatever, the font options are seriously endless ♾️ You can spend hours trying out every font under the sun (and even trying different font combos together), but it’s all just a waste of time if you’re not choosing fonts with the right reason in mind. First, here […]

The 1 time to never use script font

Did you know there’s a “right way” to use a script font? ? Script fonts are very popular, and it’s no wonder — they can add a lot to your design. But if you’re using them incorrectly, not only do they take away from your design… but they can make it illegible. So what’s the […]

3 tips to make an impact with display fonts

Have you ever heard the term “display font” before? ?? If you haven’t, chances are you’ve seen or used them before — and you might have been using them incorrectly ? Display fonts are very detailed fonts. They have a lot of personality and can make a huge impact on your designs, for better or […]

3 secrets on how to pick fonts

Do you struggle to pick fonts that “go” with what you’re putting together? ? You love how stylish and effortless some fonts look, especially when people pair two fonts together in their designs… but every time you try to emulate that, it just ends up looking like a hot mess express ? Let me let […]

Don’t choose your fonts without considering this

Your fonts communicate something before anyone reads a single word… so how do you know if you’re using the right ones? It can be overwhelming to know where to start with so many font options, other than to know you should probably avoid Comic Sans ? A good place to start is to decide whether […]