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The biggest mistakes I see on virtual assistant portfolios

Felter laying on bed with laptop

You’ve submitted your virtual assistant portfolio to a ton of jobs, but you just can’t seal the deal 😞  You have a solid offer and you’re good at what you do. Maybe you’ve even chatted with a few potential clients and it seems like a match made in heaven. They asked for your proposal and […]

3 ways to break up a big block of text in your design

Someone holding a phone with a meme of man with girlfriend distracted by another woman

You create designs with the goal of enticing people to read, but if you’ve got a big block of text, chances are no one’s going to actually read it. Think about it: when you see a big block of text, whether in an email, social media caption, or flier, what does your brain automatically do? […]

How to design with a bunch of logos

special event flyer with 6 logos on it

If you’re creating something for a sponsored event or partnership, you’ll probably have to design with a bunch of logos… and that can get crazy. If you’ve ever had to design with more than one logo, you know things can get wonky fast: you have alignment issues, background colors that don’t match, and inconsistent sizing […]

Don’t do this with headshots

Did you know this headshot mistake can make your brand look unprofessional? ? When you’re designing anything with headshots — podcast graphics, email graphics, social media graphics, or whatever — the small details matter. How you present your brand through your designs can either attract your dream clients… or cost you sales. So it’s important […]

The easiest way to make professional-looking designs

Is graphic design the LEAST favorite part of your job? ? You’re good at everything else in your job, but when you have to create your newest social media graphic or presentation, you dread sitting down and staring at a blank page ?‍??‍? Here’s my #1 tip to make ALL of your designs automatically look […]

Your webpage’s call to action needs this

If you’ve got an important call to action on your webpage, you need it to grab people’s attention. You’ve spent a lot of time (and probably money) developing your product, service, or whatever — and the worst thing that could happen is people don’t notice where to take the next step on your website. You […]

Do this to get people to care about your designs

People move through life very quickly, and they are NOT reading every word on the page ?️?️ Even worse news: they definitely don’t care about your stuff as much as you do. So how do you get people’s attention? It’s all about the headline. Here are three steps to designing a headline that stands out. […]

The fastest way to make an event flier from scratch

So you have to make a flier for your event, but you’re drowning in details and you don’t know where to start ? You know all of the details for the event and have created several drafts already, but they’ve all looked like crap and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Take a breath […]

12 rules of alignment you need to design better

Do you ever wonder what type of alignment you should use in your fliers, Powerpoints, invitations, and more? Or maybe you didn’t even know you could use different alignment for different purposes. Maybe all you’ve ever used is center alignment for headings, and left alignment for everything else ??‍♀️??‍♀️ But if that’s the case, you […]

Do I have to be artistic to design well?

Do you feel like you’re not artistic and creative, and therefore you can’t design well? Maybe you think you’re not an artist because you don’t draw or doodle much — and so the thought of creating a flier, presentation, or whatever creates anxiety for you ?? Let me let you in on a secret: you […]