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3 ways to break up a big block of text in your design

Someone holding a phone with a meme of man with girlfriend distracted by another woman

You create designs with the goal of enticing people to read, but if you’ve got a big block of text, chances are no one’s going to actually read it. Think about it: when you see a big block of text, whether in an email, social media caption, or flier, what does your brain automatically do? […]

What DIYers hate about design (and how to fix it)

I recently spoke with several DIYers about their biggest struggle with design ➡️➡️ They all said the same things… and if I had to guess, you struggle with design in these ways, too. 1. Starting from scratch They hate starting designs from scratch. They pull up a blank page on Canva and have no idea […]

3 signs of a good graphic designer

If you’re going to invest in a graphic designer, you want them to be amazing at what they do. You want them to create beautiful designs you love, but you also want to see results (read: profit ?). So how do you make sure that your graphic designer is skilled and knowledgeable enough to make […]

The only 3 mistakes holding you back from learning design

“Can I REALLY learn to design?” I’ve heard it a million times before. You don’t have an eye for design and you don’t enjoy it. So can you really learn to create professional-looking graphics? Yup. In fact, I’ve taught college students of all majors, marketing pros, virtual assistants, and all types of professionals how to […]

Before you design something, ask these 3 things

So often, when we have to design something, we jump straight into it without thinking through the important details. We throw some crap on a blank page in Canva just to get it done, and we’re really not sure WHY we’re designing it a certain way… and it shows ? But knowing the “why” behind […]

How to fix a crappy design on a tight deadline

So you know your design looks like poo poo, but it’s due tomorrow and you’re out of ideas ?? You’re tired of Googling “how to design better” only to have to sift through tons of only slightly helpful pages, and just need help fast. Cut through the crap and stick to these 3 rules to […]

The fastest way to make an event flier from scratch

So you have to make a flier for your event, but you’re drowning in details and you don’t know where to start ? You know all of the details for the event and have created several drafts already, but they’ve all looked like crap and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Take a breath […]

How to work with a web designer when you’re design illiterate

So you need to hire a pro to design your website, but you don’t know how to talk the talk ? You want to communicate with the designer exactly what you want in your site, but you have no idea what vocab to use or where to start. I’ve got you! Follow these 3 tips […]

Do I have to be artistic to design well?

Do you feel like you’re not artistic and creative, and therefore you can’t design well? Maybe you think you’re not an artist because you don’t draw or doodle much — and so the thought of creating a flier, presentation, or whatever creates anxiety for you ?? Let me let you in on a secret: you […]

How to fix a design that looks like a hot mess

Do you ever use multiple fonts within a design because you think it will look creative… only for it to end up looking like a hot mess? ??‍♀️?? You’re trying to think outside the box and grab people’s attention, but the more different font pairings you try, the more disorganized it looks — like this. […]