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3 tips to effectively use neon as a brand color

Bright postcard that says "neon brand"

Neon and bright brand colors have made a resurgence in the past few years – but they’re not always used effectively. These colors are fun and youthful, BUT… there are some common pitfalls of neon that many people don’t realize when they’re selecting brand colors. Thankfully, there are a few easy tips you can follow […]

What size should text be? Use this text size rules cheat sheet

Felter sitting on couch with laptop

Do you ever get hung up on how big your text should be, or wonder what the text size rules are? You want it to be big enough to catch people’s attention — especially if it’s a headline — but you don’t want it to be so big, it looks like a text message on […]

The biggest mistakes I see on virtual assistant portfolios

Felter laying on bed with laptop

You’ve submitted your virtual assistant portfolio to a ton of jobs, but you just can’t seal the deal 😞  You have a solid offer and you’re good at what you do. Maybe you’ve even chatted with a few potential clients and it seems like a match made in heaven. They asked for your proposal and […]

16 neutral brand colors to try

a hand holding a sheet of 16 varying neutral colors

So you only have 2 brand colors and you’re sick of all your designs looking the same. You would love to incorporate some neutral brand colors, but you don’t know where to start or what would look good. I got you. Try these 16 neutral colors in your brand: 16 neutral brand colors to try Try […]

The only 3 mistakes holding you back from learning design

“Can I REALLY learn to design?” I’ve heard it a million times before. You don’t have an eye for design and you don’t enjoy it. So can you really learn to create professional-looking graphics? Yup. In fact, I’ve taught college students of all majors, marketing pros, virtual assistants, and all types of professionals how to […]

3 signs it’s time to rebrand

You’ve been wondering for a while now: is it time to rebrand? Maybe you don’t love the way your brand looks. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it really reflects your business or what you do. But you worry that rebranding will be a hassle, and wonder if people will still recognize your brand. Here’s the […]

Why just changing colors on a Canva template won’t make it on-brand

You have to design a ton of graphics for your job, so you usually resort to using Canva templates. It might seem like a great solution to just swap out the colors on a Canva template using the brand colors you’re going for, but here’s the problem: doing that alone doesn’t make it on-brand. If […]

My best tips for podcast guest graphics

You design podcast guest graphics every week, and it always takes way too much time ⌛ Additionally, podcast guest graphics graphics are part of the visual brand of your podcast. You know they’ll immediately attract or repel people to the podcast, so it’s vital to get it right the first time. Having poorly designed podcast […]

Does the shape of a logo matter?

You sit down to create a logo for your client from scratch and all of the usual questions creep in. What fonts do I use? What colors? What about shapes? Does the shape even matter? Sometimes your client might have a very defined brand with specific fonts and colors and shapes. Other times, they have […]

This text mistake will cost you major sales

Picture this: you post a graphic on your Instagram about your latest offer, and… crickets ?? You put a ton of work into perfecting your offer before your launch. You know you’ve got a great service to sell, but no one is biting when you post about it. What gives? Here’s the truth: your graphic […]