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What size should text be? Use this text size rules cheat sheet

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Do you ever get hung up on how big your text should be, or wonder what the text size rules are? You want it to be big enough to catch people’s attention — especially if it’s a headline — but you don’t want it to be so big, it looks like a text message on […]

The biggest mistakes I see on virtual assistant portfolios

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You’ve submitted your virtual assistant portfolio to a ton of jobs, but you just can’t seal the deal 😞  You have a solid offer and you’re good at what you do. Maybe you’ve even chatted with a few potential clients and it seems like a match made in heaven. They asked for your proposal and […]

5 rules for bullet points

Coffee cup that says "Bullet brews and blues" with four bullet points on it

So you use bullet points ALL the time… but are you following the common rules for bullet points? You want to catch your reader’s attention and make your text easy to scan, but you might be making your graphic designs hard to read without realizing it. Read on for 5 rules for bullet points to […]

3 ways to break up a big block of text in your design

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You create designs with the goal of enticing people to read, but if you’ve got a big block of text, chances are no one’s going to actually read it. Think about it: when you see a big block of text, whether in an email, social media caption, or flier, what does your brain automatically do? […]

This text mistake will cost you major sales

Picture this: you post a graphic on your Instagram about your latest offer, and… crickets ?? You put a ton of work into perfecting your offer before your launch. You know you’ve got a great service to sell, but no one is biting when you post about it. What gives? Here’s the truth: your graphic […]

How to get someone to actually read the text on your webpage

You spend a lot of time (and maybe money) carefully crafting the words on your website… way too much time for people to not read it ? But if you don’t make your text stand out, someone’s likely to just gloss over it and move on to the next thing. You can have the best […]

Why to never link “click here” on your website

One of the biggest mistakes I see on websites is people linking the words “click here.” Especially if you’re not a pro web designer, but you’ve had to create or update your business website yourself, this is an easy mistake to make. Everyone does it, so it must be fine, right? ?? But here’s the […]

Try this for a more modern look in your designs

Do you want to achieve a sleek and stylish look with your text, but struggle to make it happen? Maybe you’ve tried what feels like 67 different fonts, and they’re all either illegible or not quite right. Try using tracking to easily achieve this look, or to make your text more legible. Here’s what I […]

3 quick tips to make your design more skimmable

Let’s be honest — people move through life at the speed of light and don’t take the time to read every word on your graphic, flier, or postcard ????‍♀️ If you give the reader a big block of text in your design, chances are they’ll be intimidated and decide to not read it at all. […]

4 capitalization styles you need to know

Do you ever get irritated trying to remember the rules of capitalization… and wonder when it’s okay (if ever) to break them? You know your design has to have a certain look, whether it’s professional, casual, or somewhere in between, but you’re not sure how to achieve that with capitalization. Believe it or not, everything […]