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The 1 time to never use script font

Did you know there’s a “right way” to use a script font? ?

Script fonts are very popular, and it’s no wonder — they can add a lot to your design. But if you’re using them incorrectly, not only do they take away from your design… but they can make it illegible.

So what’s the 1 time you NEVER want to use a script font?

For an acronym. If you use a script font with an acronym, someone is likely to not realize it’s an acronym and read it is a word.

For instance, someone will probably read this as the “PRSSA Banquet” ?

Even if you capitalize only the first letter of the acronym, it doesn’t matter — using a script font in this instance is still confusing.

So what’s the solution? Just choose a non-script font. Easy peasy!

Here’s some inspiration if you need help choosing fonts or just want to make sure you’ve chosen the right one.

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