The 5 purchasing styles of business owners

Are you a service provider who wants to sell your services more easily to business owners? You need to know the five unique purchasing styles of business owners and how they make purchasing decisions, so you can cater to all types in your content and marketing.

So often, we sell to others based on what sells us. But we are just one of the five types of decision makers. So if you’re making content or marketing decisions based on what appeals to only yourself, then you’re eliminating a large portion of business you could be getting.

Here are the five purchasing styles of business owners, and how they make purchasing decisions:

5 purchasing styles of business owners

1. Quick purchaser

Some business owners move very quickly in their purchasing style. They like to jump on offers with urgency when they seem like a good fit, and don’t like to be slowed down by analysis paralysis.

These business owners often like to see a proven track record of results with other business owners like themselves, and they will go with their gut when they skim through content whether something feels like it checks the boxes of what they need.

2. Slow and steady

Other business owners take their time with their purchasing style, even if it means taking weeks to research, work out details, and take notes on a sales page. They’ll often purchase on the last day so they have time to process all the details.

The slow and steady purchasing style might know they need to purchase something, but wait months or years. They won’t jump in until they’ve gathered all the information – like features included – they feel is necessary to make the decision.

3. Referral and review follower

Some business owners take referrals and reviews as their best friends in purchasing decisions. They will take these over the 30 minutes of researching it themselves or going back and forth over pro/con lists. These business owners prefer to trust other people, or their own decisions that they’ve already made in the past.

They might take weeks to make a decision, but seeing trusted testimonials or reviews on a sales page can really tip the scales for them.

4. Impulsive and skeptical

On the other end of the spectrum, some business owners don’t care at all about testimonials. They don’t trust them, and don’t trust referrals from others.

Their purchasing style is more impulsive and skeptical, and what pushes them to make decisions is being able to try out something free first. They’re very skeptical of the fluff they see online. Whether it’s a free product or free webinar, they want to see if they’re going to get any real value from that business before they make a final purchase.

5. Numbers-based

The final purchasing style is very based rooted in numbers and logic. These business owners might play “guess the price” as they go through the features of an offer. They will do calculations in their head to see if the price makes sense to them, and will only purchase if it does.

They’re the type of business owner who might make a spreadsheet to make their purchasing decision, where they see how much money they lose if they make payments versus paying in full, how the offer fits into their budget, etc. The pricing on an offer needs to add up and not have overly-inflated discounts for them to make the decision to purchase.

Sell to all purchasing styles of business owners

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