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The fastest way to make an event flier from scratch

So you have to make a flier for your event, but you’re drowning in details and you don’t know where to start ?

You know all of the details for the event and have created several drafts already, but they’ve all looked like crap and you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Take a breath and try these 5 easy steps to create an event flier from scratch.

1. Write a headline

This needs to be something very enticing and captivating to get people to actually read the rest of your flier (need some ideas? Check out my free headline resource at the bottom of the page ⤵️).

If you’re stuck, ask yourself: Why would someone care? Why would they want to attend?

2. Design your headline to be the biggest thing on the page

Remember — you only get one thing that can be the biggest. You want this to be the first thing someone sees on the flier.

3. Add the next most important thing

This is going to be the name of the event, the date, the time, and location.

Put that on the flier in a less prominent font than your headline, so it’s the second thing someone’s eyes are drawn to.

4. Add all the details

It may seem like this part has to take up the most space, but it actually doesn’t — and if you use headings for the details, you’ll make it so someone can scan the flier to find the information they need.

5. Add a call-to-action

What’s the thing you want someone to do once they’ve decided they want to attend or they want more information? You’re going to include that at the end with a call-to-action.

Think about how you can write that in as few words as possible, and design that to be prominent enough to get noticed, but not as prominent as your headline.

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