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The only 3 mistakes holding you back from learning design

“Can I REALLY learn to design?”

I’ve heard it a million times before. You don’t have an eye for design and you don’t enjoy it. So can you really learn to create professional-looking graphics?

Yup. In fact, I’ve taught college students of all majors, marketing pros, virtual assistants, and all types of professionals how to design with ease. And if they can do it, so can you.

Still unconvinced? Here are the only 3 mistakes holding you back from learning design:

1. You throw things together randomly

You’re in a time crunch, you have a million other tasks on your to-do list, and your priority isn’t graphic design. So you throw something together at the last minute and hope it works. Don’t feel bad — we all do it sometimes.

If you’re throwing designs together haphazardly, that’s a surefire sign you need design rules to guide your process. Rules can provide a framework that you can repeat in every design you make, saving you time and headache ?

2. You assume you need to be creative

If you’ve adopted the mindset that you’re bad at design because you’re not a naturally artistic person, that’s definitely going to hold you back.

ANYONE can learn to design. It’s not in indescribable art (even though it might seem like it now). It’s actually a skill, just like anything else in your job, and it’s definitely learnable.

3. You give up after one try

You designed a social graphic once. It looked like a hot mess and you swore, “never again.” But here’s the thing: since design is a learnable skill, you have to practice it.

Don’t sweat; that doesn’t mean it’ll take you years to learn. But you should give it at least a few tries using the right framework before you throw in the towel.

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