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The reason your brand colors don’t work

You’ve been at your computer for over an hour, trying every combination of your brand colors imaginable in your design.

You’re ready to tear your hair out, and somehow, every color swap you try still looks like ??

You start to feel like your brand colors just don’t work together — so where do you go from there?

You might be making one of the most common mistakes people make with their brand colors: not enough contrast.

They won’t work if they’re all dark

Lay out all of your brand colors side by side. If more than half of them are dark, you’re going to have a hard time mixing and matching them to create an attractive design… even if they’re your favorite colors ??‍♀️

They won’t work if they’re all light, either

The same thing goes for all light colors.

Pick both light and dark colors

Here’s my solution: make sure you pick 2-4 light colors and 2-4 dark colors that all go together (6-8 brand colors is a good range to pick, in case you were wondering). These are mine ➡️

The contrast will give you versatility and flexibility in your designs, so they’ll all look a little different, but still go together.

Need more brand colors but not sure where to start? Try these neutral colors to expand your brand color palette.

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