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This text mistake will cost you major sales

Picture this: you post a graphic on your Instagram about your latest offer, and… crickets ??

You put a ton of work into perfecting your offer before your launch. You know you’ve got a great service to sell, but no one is biting when you post about it. What gives?

Here’s the truth: your graphic needs some work. There’s one huge mistake I see service providers make in their graphics over and over… and it has to do with text.

Avoid this if you actually want your offer to sell

When you have a graphic using text, don’t alternate the colors and/or fonts randomly.

Before someone actually reads the words, their eyes will visually distinguish the solid text as one thing and the outlined text as something else. But once you actually read it, you’ll notice that it’s just alternating text styles for no reason.

It’s confusing, and it’ll definitely turn off a browser from becoming a buyer.

Do this instead to bring in more revenue

Here’s a much better example. Now, the most important part of the text stands out, and everything that is the same looks the same.

It’s much more likely to stop the scroll and convince someone to stop and read your graphic.

TL;DR? The design of your text should be clear and compelling. Otherwise, no one’s going to read it… and you can bet no one’s going to buy from you ?

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