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Try this for a more modern look in your designs

Do you want to achieve a sleek and stylish look with your text, but struggle to make it happen?

Maybe you’ve tried what feels like 67 different fonts, and they’re all either illegible or not quite right.

Try using tracking to easily achieve this look, or to make your text more legible. Here’s what I mean:

What is tracking?

Tracking is simply the space between letters. You can quickly see the difference between negative tracking, no tracking, some tracking, and a lot of tracking.

Use it for style

Whenever you want a heading to have a more stylish, modern look, you can use tracking to immediately achieve this effect.

See the difference? The heading with tracking definitely makes more of a statement.

Use it for legibility

Additionally, whenever you have a big block of text, it’s a good idea to use just a little bit of tracking to increase legibility.

You can immediately see the difference between some tracking and no tracking; some tracking is much easier to scan.

When NOT to use it

Never use tracking with cursive. Cursive by nature should remain intact, so tracking within a cursive font ends up looking a little wonky and difficult to read.

Where to find it

Adjust tracking in Canva

In Canva, tracking is in the spacing menu. It’s called letter spacing. I recommend 25-50 for paragraph text and 75, 100, or 200 for headings.

Adjust letter spacing in Word or Powerpoint

In Word or Powerpoint, you can apply tracking under near the font selection, although you don’t have a ton of options.

Adjust space between letters in Adobe apps

In Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, or any Adobe app, it’s in the character panel.

Tracking settings in Google Docs or Google Slides

Unfortunately, tracking isn’t currently available in Google Drive apps, so you aren’t able to add space between letters in Google Docs or Google Slides.

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