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Want a logo redesign? Here’s why your logo isn’t that important

I work with a lot of business owners who stress over their logo and worry they need a logo redesign.

But here’s my hot take: your logo isn’t that important. At least, not as important as you think it is. Here’s what I mean:

Do you need a logo redesign?

1. Your fonts and colors are more important than your logo

Every design choice you make affects how potential clients view you. Meaning, every font, color, and shape you use on your graphics and website communicate something to potential buyers before they ever read a single word of copy.

That’s why these two websites communicate different things, even though they use the same words ⤵️

Before creating or overhauling your logo, you first need to make sure your fonts and colors communicate the right things to the right people to make consistent sales.

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2. Your branding isn’t just your logo

Just slapping a logo onto something doesn’t mean that it’s on-brand. Your website and graphics need the right fonts, colors, and shapes first (like we talked about above).

When you put your logo on a graphic that uses off-brand or inconsistent fonts and colors, it ends up looking thrown-together… which hurts your business!

3. A logo redesign won’t solve visual inconsistency

If you’re piecing together different templates, fonts, colors, and layouts, your business will look pieced together.

Think about how we’ve been taught to look out for phishing attempts via email. If your Instagram looks drastically different from your website, your business also looks phishy.

To create trust and consistency in your branding, the first step comes from using the same fonts, colors, and shapes across every channel.

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