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Website Audit

make a huge impact on revenue
without making a huge investment

You want new business to come in effortlessly…

but instead you’re spinning your wheels with your marketing
  • you’re running on empty strategizing how to market your business

  • you’re constantly posting on social media and not seeing the ROI

  • you’re tired of going back and forth with potential clients about packages and pricing

  • you’re forced to justify your price on call after call

Here’s the truth:

If you’re relying on referrals, SEO, or social content to grow your business

you need a website that quickly impresses your ideal person and gets them to…

✅ sign up
❌ without friction
💻 book a call
❌ without back and forth
🎉 buy now
❌ without wasting your time

And all without having to pay for a new website

What if you could keep the clients rolling in without adding more to your workload?

That’s what happened for a business owner I worked with.

She was burnt out from spending precious time every day going back and forth with client inquiries.

They had questions about her packages, pricing, and how her services worked – eating up valuable hours of her time every week and causing her to often have to work after business hours.

She knew she needed a better way to easily and consistently book clients.

That’s where I came in. I identified changes to make to her site that would better showcase her services and convert more browsers into booked clients.

Now, she can sit back and watch new clients book quickly and easily, just upon visiting her website.

Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 10.31.36 AM

“Felter’s audit was better than I expected. There wasn’t one suggestion I thought was a bad idea.”

-Stephanie Judice, podcast management agency owner

Get a big return in revenue without a big investment

I know what an incredible investment of time and resources a new website is.

That’s why with only a Website Audit I can still help you…

Convert your ideal person easily

No more defending your rates or time wasted on discovery calls – just new clients who are happy to pay your prices

Cut the time you spend marketing

…on social, email, and whatever new platform pops up next, so you can spend your time doing what you do best

Watch your revenue soar

Meet (or surpass!) your business and revenue goals, so you can relax and take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of



“I highly recommend Felter for anyone who wants to uplevel their website. Web design is incredibly important for running a successful business, and she is a true expert.

She was there for questions if anything was unclear, but her delivery was so perfect I didn’t have any!”

-Catherine Guidry, luxury wedding photographer

Imagine what could happen if…

  • you had the white-glove guidance of a web designer with 12+ years experience (at a fraction of the cost of a brand new site)

  • you knew every issue that was preventing a potential client from buying – and how to fix them

  • your referrals were quickly impressed with your site and booked without question

  • you had a business that grew bigger than you ever expected, all from a few easy tweaks to your website you felt confident making yourself

It’s the transformation you need at a no-brainer price

Are you ready to revolutionize your revenue?

I’ll go through every corner of your website and give you simple solutions to:

  • tweak layouts

  • adjust copy + calls to action

  • improve navigation

  • add content or sections

  • all with the goal of increasing your revenue!

website audit
my most-affordable 1:1 service


With a Website Audit...

You’ll get Actionable solutions

I’m not going to throw a bunch of web design lingo at you. You’ll get clear, concise, and concrete fixes to all the issues you didn’t know you had… so you can convert more browsers to buyers.

You’ll get help on your schedule

You don’t want to spend days attempting to improve your website – that’s what you hired me for. To save you time, you’ll get your audit as a pre-recorded video you can watch at any speed you like, as many times as you like.

Still have questions? Chat with me within 7 days or set up a 30-minute call and I’ll answer any question you have.

You’ll get EDUCATION

I’ve spent over a decade educating non-designers about web design and marketing.

I’ll walk through all my recommendations, explain why they matter, and teach you how to fix them yourself (painlessly!) – so you’ll never make the same revenue-hurting mistakes again.


When we’re finished, you’ll have an upleveled website that converts effortlessly.

Can you say “cha-ching”?

Because good design doesn’t just look good. It actually gets results.

Hey, I’m Felter

And I’m the web designer that non-designers love

I recognize that your website is a significant investment of time, money, and resources.

Even if you’re dissatisfied with your website or know it’s not doing its job, that doesn’t mean you have the luxury to just re-do it.

But I also know that your website is a critical piece of impressing a potential new client and getting them to work with you.

The beauty of my Website Audit is that you can make edits to your existing website to make a big impact without a big investment.

With more than a decade of website design experience, I’ve learned how to tweak a website to make it successful – and how to teach you to do the same.


I don’t know anything about web design. Is this service for me?

Yes! The Website Audit is perfect for the non-designer. I create a detailed instructional video of all the issues on your website, along with a thorough explanation of how to fix them – so you don’t have to have any prior knowledge to get results.

Can I really make the website edits myself? That sounds intimidating.

Absolutely you can! These won’t be complex design fixes. These will be fixes to layout, copy, or navigation. So if you can update your website, you can implement my recommendations.

But if you still have questions after viewing the instructional video or you’re struggling to make the edits, you have the option to schedule a 30-minute meeting with me or you’ll have 5 business days of Voxer access to get all your questions answered.

I take a no-shame, no-shade approach to my design education, and I’ll make sure you feel confident you know what you’re doing (and are thrilled with the results!)


It’s time for your website to be your best salesperson

without having to invest a full-time salary to get it there

Let’s transform your business with a site that sells itself

or I can do it for you if you’re ready to invest in a Custom Website to bolster your business