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Website testimonial design hack to get your testimonials read

Testimonials are vital to show how reliable, trustworthy, and valuable you are, but if you’re not utilizing proper website testimonial design then no one is reading them.

For example, if you’re just listing endless paragraphs of testimonials they won’t get read.

Instead, use prominently-designed headlines to catch attention and keep visitors engaged. Here are some examples:

3 headline formulas for website testimonial design

1. Showcase a transformation

A great way to highlight the value of your service is by showcasing a clear and compelling transformation. This approach focuses on the journey from a problem state to a desired state, making it easy for potential customers to see the benefits they can achieve.

From [current state] to [ideal state]

➡️ From stressed to speechless

➡️ From 1k to 10k followers

➡️ From un-focused to on-brand

These transformations highlight the tangible changes that clients can expect, providing a narrative that potential clients can relate to and aspire towards.

2. Highlight results

Focusing on the results that your service or product delivers can be incredibly persuasive. This formula emphasizes the end benefit, making it clear what clients will gain.

[Deliverable] that [achieves result]

➡️ Photos that capture your legacy

➡️ Social that sells for you

➡️ Words that work for you

By highlighting specific results, you make it easy for potential clients to see the value in what you offer and envision the benefits for themselves.

3. Share the ideal state

Paint a picture of the ideal state your customers can achieve with your service. This approach combines the pleasure points of achieving their goals with the relief of overcoming pain points.

[Pleasure point] without [pain point]

➡️ Your memories captured without overwhelm

➡️ Results without stress

➡️ Captivating copy without breaking the bank

By addressing both the desires and the frustrations of your audience, you create a powerful message that resonates on multiple levels, showing that you understand their needs and can provide a solution that fits seamlessly into their lives.

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