Want a website that converts clients like a
well-oiled sales machine?
all without breaking your budget?!
then this course is for you
Sell more without being salesy

You can’t just throw a website together, cross your fingers, and hope it brings in business.

You need a premium website that does the selling for you.

But let me guess… you have no idea where to start, you’re overwhelmed with the work involved, and you’re not ready to pay someone to do it for you?

If you want to feel like a real business owner – one who looks professional, stands out, and books clients effortlessly – then we’ve got your back!

we'll teach you how to...

Attract your ideal client with the right design choices

Aligning your decision choices with your brand’s personality will draw in your ideal client. We’ll teach you how to create a custom look and feel for your brand + website.

Write website copy that converts

Your messaging is what takes your website visitor from browsing to booking or buying. We’ll teach you how to write powerful words that convert.

Understand the "why" behind your website

Your website needs to follow a specific layout and flow if you want to convert more visitors to raving clients and buyers. We’ll teach you what goes where… and why.

And differentiate yourself every step of the way!

There are a ton of other service providers who do the same exact thing you do. We’ll teach you how to stand out and sell yourself — even if you’re just starting out — with a professional, money-making website.

DIY a website you're proud of...

without confusion, frustration, and doubt

Maybe you have a one-page website, but it’s more like a personal fact sheet than a sales machine.

Maybe someone else handed off your website to you, but now you’re left hanging and don’t know how to update it on your own.

Maybe you DIY-ed your site as best you could, but you had no idea what needed to be on it to book clients.

Maybe you don’t have a website at all, and you’re so tired of feeling embarrassed or ashamed when someone asks for it.

We break it all down into small, bite-size pieces so you can learn how the pros do it AND have time to implement what you learn… one step at a time.

No tech tears. No DIY disasters. No major meltdowns 🫠

I would buy again for more money

I would buy this course again for more money than you’re charging! To be able to create your own website and get feedback one-on-one is worth a lot.

Yeah, you can buy a template, but you don’t have anyone to give you feedback.

I never would have gotten my website done if it wasn’t for Felter and Emily’s feedback on design and copy. It has made the biggest difference!

-Jessie Yarbrough, Pinterest Manager 📌

Good-looking ≠ Revenue-generating

If you’re saving up for that $1,000 website template, hoping it’s going to skyrocket your business, you might want to think again.

Just because your website is good-looking doesn’t mean it’s going to easily differentiate you, position you as your clients’ solution, or answer important questions.

Yes, you want your site to look good, but don’t put all your eggs in the good-looking basket.

Because the right website will…

impress and quickly convert referrals

make you stand out from everyone else who does what you do

speak directly to your ideal person’s problems and position you as the solution

be easily discoverable by new clients

save you time on calls answering questions about packages and prices

and you can even achieve this with a free template... plus our guidance

  • 7+ Hours of Lessons to Create a Site That Sells

    Everything you need to create a high-converting website – copy, design, branding, sales messaging, and more – all with transparency and humor

  • Wireframes, Swipe Copy + Tech Tutorials

    Exactly what goes on every page, what to say, and how it should look, so your clients know you're the exact person to solve their problems

  • Office Hours

    Get all your questions answered, get feedback as you work, and hold yourself accountable

4 payments


1 payment


Want a sneak peek inside the course?​
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Get a sneak peek inside
Well-Oiled Website

ready to catapult your business forward?

You can create your Well-Oiled Website in as little as 2 weeks with our robust Course Completion Checklist

go from being unsure what makes you stand out from other service providers…

to effortlessly showcasing your unique value so clients know you’re who they need

go from being overwhelmed with the decisions and work that comes with DIY-ing your website…

to confidently creating your site and up-leveling your presence – all with our expert guidance

go from being embarrassed and ashamed of your website (or lack there of)…

to proudly sharing your website with potential clients because it closes the deal every time

go from questioning if you’ll ever actually make it as a business owner…

to consistently booking ideal clients and getting to do what you love with a Well-Oiled Website

I would have given up without this

 ”If I wasn’t doing this course, I probably would have given up. It takes you so long to figure out the fonts and the colors. And then the copy.

I am grateful that I’m going through the course and learning how to figure everything out. This has been helpful!”

-Jennifer, virtual assistant 💻

No boring, fluffy lessons allowed ⤵️

module 1

Brand Foundation

Your branding is a key component of a professional, effective website. Whether you already have a defined brand or you need help starting from scratch, we’ll walk you through the steps to look and sound like a pro and attract your dream clients.

  • How to choose your fonts, colors, design elements, and logo
  • How to define your brand voice
  • How to capture on-brand images
module 2

Website Foundation

Say goodbye to tech tears and DIY disasters. You’ll learn how to set up your website using any platform and template so it appeals to your target client.

  • How to choose a website platform
  • How to choose and customize your template
  • How to create your website menu and footer
module 3

Copy & Messaging

Not only will your site look good, but it will be easily discovered and speak to your ideal client! We’ll show you how to write about yourself in a way that draws in aligned clients.

  • How to use SEO to get discovered
  • How to write about yourself in a way that connects with clients
  • How to collect testimonials and show results (even if you don’t have any yet!)
  • How to sell your services
  • How to authentically differentiate yourself
  • How to use analytics to refine your messaging over time
module 4

Design + Content

Your website will lead your ideal person on a journey that gets them to take action. You’ll learn how to design a website that is clear and compelling with these easy-to-follow design rules.

  • How to use simple design rules to keep visitors engaged
  • How to ensure your website is accessible
  • How to best use buttons and links to drive action
module 5

Website Pages

A truly effective website highlights your skills and does the selling for you! We’ll walk you through each page of your site to ensure you know what it should look like and say to book clients with ease.

And yes, we work backwards through the pages on purpose. Your homepage will practically write itself after working through this module!

Don’t have time to create your full website right now? Our One-Page Website lesson is the perfect solution to having a high-converting online presence in no time!

  • One-Page Website 🆕🎉
  • Contact Page
  • About Page
  • Blog Pages
  • Podcast Pages
  • Portfolio or Results Page
  • Services Page
  • Homepage
  • Page Publish Checklist
DIY doesn’t have to be a dumpster fire
With the help of two expert educators, you’ll have a professional website that converts clients… without the custom service price tag
We didn’t create this course for everyone

We created it specifically for service providers like you, because…

You’re smart

You don’t just want a website handed off to you. You want to know the strategy behind copy, content, and design decisions, so you can add new pages, sections, and offers to your site as your business scales.

You’re savvy

You can’t spend thousands on your site, but you don’t want it to look cheap. You want a site that’s as premium as the service you provide to your clients.

You’re busy

You don’t have the time to spend explaining what you do, what it costs, how it works, and why you’re the best person to do it on discovery calls. You need your site to answer these questions for you.

You want a shortcut

There are a lot of decisions to make when creating a website – fonts, colors, copy, templates, layouts. You want the shortcut to get it done quickly with expert guidance.

You want to stand out

You aren’t exactly the same as every other person who provides the same service as you, but you need a little help showing it.

You want to make an impact

You need a site that highlights your uniqueness and the transformation you provide clients. Even if you’re just starting out, you want to showcase your work in an honest and impressive way.

You want a “real” business

You’re tired of not having a site or of having one you aren’t so proud of. This is exactly why one of our students joined. She’s been trying to DIY her site for 4 years, and since enrolling in October – now she has a ​Well-Oiled Website​!

You’re helping me get unstuck

“I need a great looking website that speaks to my ideal clients so I can finally feel like a ‘real’ business owner.

This type of course is exactly what I’ve I needed for the past 4 years. I started my website 4 years ago and have never finished it. I keep starting, stopping, procrastinating, rinse, repeat. I’m probably exactly who you created this for 😉”

– operations consultant 🛠

Meet your designer

Felter of Felter Unfiltered

Felter knows the power of good branding and a good website to attract and convert your ideal person with ease.

New to web design? No sweat. Felter spent the first part of her career teaching design to beginners. Now, her clients and students love her no-shame, no-shade approach, and they appreciate how she guides them with empathy every step of the way.

Meet your copywriter

Emily of Emily Writes Well

You can’t separate effective design from compelling copy, so Emily is here to pop in with her copywriting genius and tips throughout this course.

A six-figure copywriter and former teacher, Emily knows how to simplify the process and show you exactly how to write powerful words that sound like the best version of you, attract your dream clients, and make sales.

How exactly does this work?


Learn every piece of the website puzzle with your design + copy teachers through on-demand lessons

office hours

Ask all of your questions and get personalized feedback on what you’re creating as you learn


Between sessions, you can go and actually create your money-making website


You’ll have enough time to learn, ask questions, and create without losing steam or getting overwhelmed

Is this what you're looking for?

Everything I’ve been looking for

Well-Oiled Website had everything I’ve been looking for!

My goal is to connect with clients who are ready to book, and get more inquiries and bookings. I need assistance with branding, website, and copy!”

– wedding and boudoir photographer 📸

this course is perfect for you if…

this course is NOT a good fit for you if…

Easy to learn

“I love how Well-Oiled Website is broken up in small digestible sections! This definitely aligns with my learning style!”

-Lupe, designer 🖼️

Do you like having options?

great! because you can use any website platform or host

If you have a specific platform you want to use, what you learn in the course will work for any of them.

Or if you have no idea which platform to choose, that’s okay, too! 

We’ll introduce you to three popular platforms – Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress with Elementor – so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Throughout the course, you’ll get curated tutorials and specific guidance for the popular platforms… so you never get lost in the tech setup.

Make me shine

“I need to get my website in tip-top shape, and I need my copy to shine.

I know I want to do my website on my own, but I need assistance and like that the course is a ‘walk along side, learn-and-do.’

– content writer ✏️


I’m not a copywriter or web designer. Can I really do this?

Good news: Well-Oiled Website was created for you! You don’t have to be a professional copywriter or web designer to DIY a lucrative site… that’s what we’re here for. We’ll teach you step-by-step how to write and design your business website so that it sells — which means you’ll get customized help with whatever aspect you might struggle with during office hours.

How quickly can I create my Well-Oiled Website?

The beauty of this course, is that you can complete it at your own pace. If you want to have a new website in as soon as two weeks, we recommend devoting your time to the course full-time. If you prefer to devote a few hours per week to it, it will take 2-3 months to finish your website.

What platform will I build my website on?

You can use whatever platform you’d like. We recommend and teach with three of the most common ones — WordPress with Elementor, Squarespace, and Showit — but you can apply what you learn in the course to any platform outside of these. We include linked tutorials to our recommended platforms for whatever we’re teaching, so you never get lost in the tech details.

Do you teach how to actually use WordPress, Squarespace, or Showit?

We provide the pros and cons of the top three platforms — WordPress with Elementor, Squarespace, and Showit — to help you decide which is best for you. Then, as you go through the course, you’ll have access to the necessary tutorials for each platform showing you how to do each task. For example, if we talk about embedding a form on a page, we’ll ensure you have tutorials to do that in the three platforms mentioned above.

I bought a template that includes copy. Do I still need this course?

Yes! A template is made for anyone to use. Plus, you’ll get much more in this course that you need to create a profitable website.

In the course, you’ll first solidify your brand foundation, from the fonts, colors, and images to your brand voice and messaging. You’ll then use that foundation to customize any template so it attracts and converts your ideal person, all with our expert guidance and feedback every step of the way.

You’ll also learn how to sell yourself, differentiate yourself, and collect testimonials and showcase results (even if you’re just starting out). And you’ll get website best practices, so clients can easily navigate and book through your website!

I've tried writing my own copy before, and I don't feel confident in my abilities. How does copywriting work in this course?

For each webpage, you’ll receive a template with copy prompts written throughout. You’ll get examples and copy or headline formulas built in to every piece on your website, so as you write, you’ll never have to guess what to write where. Plus, you can bring your copy to office hours to get feedback.

I keep seeing how important branding is. What if I don't know my brand voice or my brand fonts and colors?

Before we get into building your website, we go over the foundations of copy and design. We will help you determine your brand voice and branding, and throughout the course, we will talk about how to incorporate it into your website.

Still need extra help? We can give you additional guidance in office hours or in a 1:1 call with Felter!

How long do office hours go on for after you purchase the course?

We’re currently hosting 4 hours of office hours per month. We want to ensure students have adequate opportunities to get feedback and ask questions, so we’re constantly evaluating the best frequency and timing for office hours.

You can DIY a pro-grade website
that works for you while you sleep
You just need our expert guidance to walk you through the process.
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