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What DIYers hate about design (and how to fix it)

I recently spoke with several DIYers about their biggest struggle with design ➡️➡️

They all said the same things… and if I had to guess, you struggle with design in these ways, too.

1. Starting from scratch

They hate starting designs from scratch. They pull up a blank page on Canva and have no idea where to start, or they pull up a template and have no idea how to customize it.

The problem is, if design is part of your job, you’ll always have to start from scratch sometimes (if not all the time).

2. Standing out

They struggle to differentiate their work so they stand out in a very crowded space. Whether their designs are going online or in-person, people are moving through life at the speed of light.

If your designs aren’t created in a way to grab people’s attention, people are likely to pass them by.

3. Multiple platforms

They have to design for multiple platforms and they don’t know what needs to be different in each.

They’re creating graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, plus PDFs for emails and to be hung in-person… and they make them all the exact same. But when the design comes out, something looks wrong in at least one of them… but they don’t know how to fix it.

What if you didn’t have to struggle with design?

Do these struggles sound familiar? What if instead, you had:

  • clear parameters for the design process, so you know what rules to follow to make professional-looking graphics
  • the skills to make unique and on-brand designs that grabbed people’s attention (and got them to take action)
  • real, tangible examples of pro designs for all the platforms you create for, so you know exactly what to do different on Instagram vs. a sales PDF

Sound like exactly what you need? Check out Create with Confidence and say goodbye to the blank page blues.

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