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3 easy ways to get someone to actually read your design

Do you ever look at a graphic, and there’s just too much to look at?

Everything is the same size, and there are tons of sentences linked together to form long paragraphs. It’s hard to skim through, and you immediately lose interest in trying to read it at all.

That’s how your graphics look if you don’t utilize hierarchy in your graphic design. Hierarchy tells a reader’s eye where to look first, then next, and so on.

Read on for 3 easy ways to fix hierarchy and make your graphics easier to read.

1. Headlines should be largest

Only one item should be the largest – that’s your title or headline. The reader’s eyes should be drawn to this first and foremost so they can quickly see what the graphic is about.

Use only 3-6 words for your headline (and read until the end for my headline cheat sheet).

2. Consistency is key

Keep your formatting consistent. All headings should look the same, all subheadings should look the same, and all text should look the same, respectively.

A viewer should be able to easily scan your design and tell how important something is by its size.

3. Use a call-to-action

Don’t forget the call-to-action! Whatever “that thing” is that you want someone to do after they’ve looked at your piece — make sure that stands out, but isn’t larger than your main heading!

Now that you’ve got an easy-to-read graphic, you need an eye-catching headline to get people to read it. Check out my freebie below to get started ⤵️

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