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Does the shape of a logo matter?

You sit down to create a logo for your client from scratch and all of the usual questions creep in.

What fonts do I use? What colors? What about shapes? Does the shape even matter?

Sometimes your client might have a very defined brand with specific fonts and colors and shapes. Other times, they have none of this and you’re left to figure it out on your own. Joy, right?

Choosing fonts and colors is usually at the forefront of a client’s mind, but they don’t always think about shapes. But those are just as important. Here’s what the shape of a logo communicates, and how to know which to choose in your next high-converting design:


Circles communicate harmonious and happy emotions. They’re soft and moving, and often have positive and united connotations.

Think about logos that use circles: Target, Facebook, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. If your client’s brand tries to invoke feelings of happiness and unity, circles are a good fit.

Rectangles and squares

Rectangles and squares are more serious. They represent stability, honesty, and balance.

Logos that use these shapes include BBC, American Express, Bank of America, and National Geographic. If your client’s brand is professional and needs to appear trustworthy, rectangles and squares are the shapes to choose.

Angled or triangular shapes

Angled or triangular shapes are very common in business that want to invoke action and movement. These shapes are energetic, powerful, aggressive, sharp, and moving.

Think of Adidas, Mitsubishi, and In-N-Out Burger logos. If you’re going for a fast-paced, powerful brand personality, go for these shapes.

Organic shapes

Organic shapes are anything freeform. They look natural, delicate, flowing, and unpredictable.

Think Nickelodeon, Dove, or WWF logos. If these brand descriptors match your client’s brand, try out an organic shape on their designs.

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