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3 tips to effectively use neon as a brand color

Neon and bright brand colors have made a resurgence in the past few years – but they’re not always used effectively.

These colors are fun and youthful, BUT… there are some common pitfalls of neon that many people don’t realize when they’re selecting brand colors.

Thankfully, there are a few easy tips you can follow to ensure neon will work for your brand instead of against it.

3 considerations for neon and bright brand colors

1. Printed graphics vs. digital

Do you remember back in the day making something in Microsoft Paint with neon pink or neon green…

neon drawing in Microsoft Paint

…then waiting 20 minutes for it to print – only to realize that your neon pink was more like muted magenta and your neon green was a sad kelly color?

darker printed drawing from Microsoft Paint

That’s because your screen is backlit, but printing on paper can’t have the same effect. As fun as these colors are, they’ll never look the same on paper as they will on your screen.

So moral of the story: if neon or any bright color is part of your brand palette and the majority of your work is digital – social media, email, presentations, etc. – then you’re good ✅

2. Professional printing

If you’re printing a ton of something (think 5,000 or 10,000 minimum), a professional print shop can use Pantone neon ink to incorporate neon into your design. If this is describes your business, neon brand colors could work for you.

neon paint chips

3. Consider your budget for bright brand colors

If you’re using neon and you will need to print a lot of things in on a tight budget in small quantities –  like postcards, fliers, or handouts – you may want to rethink the colors you’re using. Standard colors might be a more cost-effective branding for you.

neon ink pads

Still not sure what brand colors you should choose? Check out my free quiz to find your best-fit fonts and colors.

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