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Why a “Website in a Day” doesn’t work

I’ve got an unpopular opinion: a “Website in a Day” doesn’t really work.

Maybe you’ve seen offers that promise to create an entire website in a day. And while I’m sure they can crank out a website that fast, I doubt that website can move the needle specifically for your business.

Why? Because an effective website takes thoughtful time. And there are several things you need first (that can’t be thrown together in a day)

6 things you need to create an effective website

1. Your brand identity

Is your brand traditional or unique? Soft or bold? Serious or fun? Narrow the list down to 5 descriptors, and use that to determine your branding

2. Your branding

Your fonts, colors, and shapes communicate who you are to potential clients, before they ever read any copy. Make sure all your fonts, colors, and template align with those 5 descriptors above.

3. Your images

Your brand perception includes your images. So don’t just choose outfits or edits without considering how that aligns with your brand.

4. Your messaging

Every word on your website needs to be aligned with your brand identity, while taking the reader on a journey that leads them to you as the perfect person to solve their problems.

5. Your website platform

Will you use Squarespace or WordPress or Showit? There are pros and cons to every platform, and you need to know which one will work best for you and your business.

6. The direction for your business

Do you want to scale your service offerings or build a template shop? Once you know your goals, you can create your website in a way that grows with you.

How to create an effective website

Yeah, that’s a lot of work, but lucky for you, that’s exactly what we teach in the first 5 lessons (over 90 minutes) in Well-Oiled Website​. In this course made specifically for service providers, not only do we walk you through every page of your website and provide templates, swipe copy, and design examples for what it should say and look like to book clients…

But you’ll also learn how to sell your services without being salesy or sleazy, how to showcase client results even if you’re just starting out, how to use SEO to get discovered by new clients, and how to design and write every page to drive action.

You’ll get 7+ hours of video lessons – all so you can create a website that books clients every time… without the custom service price tag!

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