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Do this today to get someone to actually read your flier

Do you stress out as you create a flier, because you feel like every page or section needs to be new, different, and creative?

Do you exhaust yourself trying to come up with multiple new fonts and color schemes within the same page because you think it will catch people’s attention, only to have it look like a crayon box threw up on it?

Stress no more

A common misconception is that mixing it up is creative, and consistency is boring. However, consistency is actually super important, and I’ll show you why!

Imagine you are online shopping

…and all of the prices and names of products are in different places and use different fonts. Some are underneath the product names, others on top, and others still off to the side of the product. You don’t know where to look to find anything — it’s all over the place.

Now imagine that everything is consistent…

…that is, the layout is consistent, the fonts used are consistent, and the placement of everything is consistent. This allows you to easily scan and compare, without having to do a lot of thinking.

Here’s the takeaway:

The more easily someone can scan your design, without having to read every word, the more likely they’ll actually absorb the information.

And the key to being able to scan, is being consistent:

  • all of your headings look the same
  • all of the your text looks the same
  • and so on…

Now that you’ve made this fix for your flier, you’ll want to run through 10 more fast and easy fixes to make your flier even more engaging. Check out my free resource below ⬇️

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