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Why just changing colors on a Canva template won’t make it on-brand

You have to design a ton of graphics for your job, so you usually resort to using Canva templates.

It might seem like a great solution to just swap out the colors on a Canva template using the brand colors you’re going for, but here’s the problem: doing that alone doesn’t make it on-brand. If that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing key pieces to attracting and converting your ideal person.

Fonts, Shapes, and Alignment

Colors aren’t the only things that matter to make a design on-brand. Fonts, shapes, and alignment all communicate something to a potential client before they read a single word.

All of these square graphics are in my brand colors, but they use different fonts, shapes, and alignment… and those design elements all communicate different things.

You COULD swap out the colors on a Canva template and call it a day, but chances are each template would attract a different client. You need to utilize all design elements in a way that attracts and converts your ideal person.

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