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8 web design mistakes to avoid

If you’re designing your own business website (or getting an inexperienced designer to make one for you), there are some common web design mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

I’ve been designing websites for over a decade, and I’ve seen some nightmare web design mistakes that are completely avoidable, if you get the right person to create your site.

8 web design mistakes to avoid

1. Assess the branding

Your business’s brand is constantly evolving. As you grow and change, it’s possible your branding will need to change, too – and whoever designs your website should have a plan for that.

If you’re investing time and energy into creating a website without assessing the look of your brand over the next two to three years, then you’re just putting lipstick on a pig 💄

2. Design on a user-friendly platform

I’ve seen it time and time again. A professional designer is comfortable with a platform that is not easy for the average person to learn (we’re not talking Wix or Squarespace here).

This causes you to not be able to make simple edits to your own site, add new posts, and worst of all, you live in fear of breaking the whole site with the click of a button.

3. Remember best practices to avoid web design mistakes

When you’re looking at web design mistakes to avoid, this is a huge one. There are a few things that are consistent about every website. For instance, there’s always a logo at the top that links back to the homepage, and there’s always contact info at the bottom of the site or the end of the menu.

But if an inexperienced web designer is making your page, then those things might not be there – and that’s super frustrating to anyone trying to navigate it.

4. Don’t let someone design your website without training you

If someone else creates a website for you and doesn’t train you on how to use it, that’ll create major headaches later on.

It’ll mean you’re afraid of your own website. You’ll have to rely on someone else to make even the simplest edits… which means you’re wasting tons of time with unnecessary back and forth.

You’ll be frustrated, and will probably end up avoiding the changes altogether –  or you’ll have to find someone else to fix it for you.

You should be able to easily make edits to pricing or copy yourself.

5. Plan for the future of your business

Your business is not static. You’ve got new services and more content being added on a regular basis.

Whether it’s blogs, videos, or new products, you want to be able to grow. That means you can adjust the course of your business without the stress of your website holding you back.

Can your website handle 50 more blog posts? What about 2 new services? If not, then you’re going to need a site overhaul every 6 months.

6. Design your website with the purpose of converting

If your website is beautiful but it doesn’t encourage someone to click from page to page, then it’s not serving its purpose.

There needs to be space for new content. Plus, there should be an ease of navigation on your website to encourage someone to keep exploring. If someone is not a pro web designer, it’s easy for them to forget this.

Because the purpose of your website is to help you get more business… not to just sit there and look pretty 💁‍♀️

7. Design with streamlined processes in mind

Do you have to make a ton of tedious edits all over your site every time you add a blog post? Then it wasn’t set up with efficient processes in mind.

What do I mean by this? Every new post, podcast episode, or media feature a should be a one-and-done update, not a half-day task…. and a pro web designer can streamline all of these tedious edits into a one-and-done update process in a way that the average person can’t.

8. You should know how to make edits

You shouldn’t have to pay an hourly fee for someone every time you want to update your website. And you also shouldn’t have to go back and forth with them all day just to see “how it looks.”

You should be fully trained to make simple edits… without feeling afraid you’ll break your site with the touch of a button

Avoid these web design mistakes with a custom website

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