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Your portfolio website template should be more than good-looking

Everybody wants a good-looking portfolio website template

Whether you hire someone, save up for a high-priced template, or DIY it, here’s the one problem with a good-looking website template: it won’t necessarily make you more money.

If you’re thinking that a beautiful website is going to skyrocket your business, think again.

Just because your portfolio website template looks good doesn’t mean it will differentiate you, position you as your clients’ no-brainer solution, or easily answer the questions they have before inquiring

You want your website to look good, and also book clients with ease!

A website that’s created to book clients will…

🔎 be easily discoverable by new clients

🤩 impress and quickly convert referrals

☀️ make you stand out from everyone else who does what you do

🗣️ speak directly to your ideal person’s problems and position you as the solution

⌚ save you time on calls answering questions about packages, prices, and why you’re worth your rate

And a good-looking portfolio website template alone won’t do that

An out-of-the-box portfolio website template is made for anyone to use

And it’s usually missing:

❌ how to determine your differentiator and showcase that throughout your copy, design, and images… so you stand apart from your competitors

❌ best practices to keep your potential clients clicking and getting value so they sign up to work with you

❌ guidance to ensure your brand presence and brand voice are consistent on every channel – aka so your website isn’t drastically different from your IG

So what’s the solution?

To have a website that looks good and makes you money, it needs to be created to attract and convert your ideal client, from the homepage headlines, to your services page.

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