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Your small business branding is not up for others to vote on

It’s natural to want second opinions on your small business branding or new website template. But whether its from your Instagram followers, family, or friends, I never recommend polling others for their take on your small business branding ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Here’s why ⤵️

1. Your small business branding is not a popularity contest

Just because your best friend likes the fonts and colors you’re using doesn’t mean they’ll attract your ideal client.

Fonts and colors have distinct personalities, which are attracting (or repelling) people before they read a single word of copy.

So unless all your friends are your ideal clients, their opinion isn’t going to give any information about what branding choices are best.

2. Your branding should communicate what you want about your small business

Is your business high-end or affordable? Creative and fun, or buttoned-up and traditional? ?

The branding you select will communicate to the world what type of business you are and who you serve.

If you choose branding just because your mom likes how it looks, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to tell potential clients who you are (and easily get them to work with you ?)

3. People will vote based on personal preference

Your IG followers are going to vote simply based on the fonts and colors they like — not based on what sells your business.

For example, your followers might love a lime green logo with a script font.

But if you have a serious brand that needs to look trustworthy, lime green probably isn’t the right choice to attract your ideal person… and a script font might not be legible when new people who find you ?‍♀️

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